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31 July 2013

This past week or two the sunshine has crept away and the clouds, thunder and rain have come out to play. Sad times indeed. Even sadder is the fact that my skin and body are now sad, some areas more than others... 

I have depressed legs.

Yes, seriously. It's like my legs are miserable that they are being squeezed into jeans again and they are rebelling by seriously not pulling their weight in the looks stakes. Since the sun has gone, my legs seem to have gone super dry and ashy and after looking so healthy and glowy from all the sunshine (and SPF  and aftersun attention) they now look and feel dull and ...sad. Hmph.

However! After having quite enough of that, I had a rummage in my beauty stash and worked on whipping up a quick fix remedy to beat the little blighters away from 'lacklustre legs' back into 'pretty pins'. After a few mix and match trial runs, I've settled on my winning combo and an easy 3 step solution!

Here's how I've been doing it:

1. Slough off the excess. Sounds gross but really I'm just giving my legs a bit of a toning buff and exfoliation with a gentle body scrub. Gently exfoliation helps get rid of dead skins cells and lets the new skin underneath really breathe and grow. My body scrub of choice is (as always) the Korres Fig body scrub as it is gentle and quite soothing, not too harsh or abrasive on my skin. It nicely polishes my legs without scrubbing away all of my tan that I worked soooo hard (read: lazed about in the sun, in a hammock, sipping cold beverages) to achieve. Another plus is that as this is not highly scented it doesn't conflict with my next step!

2. Hydrate those babies. Obviously when your legs are looking a little dry the best solution is to give 'em a healthy dose of hydration. I have a multitude of body lotions and creams and serums but after experimenting with a few I found that the best nourishing lotion for my little legs is definitely the Dr Organic Pomegranate Skin Lotion. Man, it is so good! it is rich and smooth and my legs just lap it up, it sinks in beautifully and is completely non greasy! The great things about this lotion is the bioactive properties that work to regenerate the skin cells and enhance hydration. Perfect after using a scrub, first you get rid of the dead skin cells then give the new fresh ones under a super pomegranate boost. Oh and it smells fab! (Hence why i like to use a simple subtle scented scrub before hand, it lets this lotion's scent really shine!)

3. Give 'em a Glow! Finally after all that hard work, you may have super baby bum smooth and silky legs, and they may be deeply nourished, but they may still be lacking that rich tan you had. So, there is nothing better than give your legs a little bit of colour and a little bit of light! To achieve a subtle and summery sun kissed, radiant glow I love to use the Nourish Golden Glow Toning Souffle*! This is such a great 3-in-1 product as not only does it top up your skin hydration to the max, but it also works to tone up your pins and make them look sleeker and sexier over time. Then of course you get the down right amazing golden shimmer on your legs to boot. The shimmer is very small and quite delicate, no crazy kiddy glitter here and the golden colour again is soft and beautiful, just a natural hue instead of full on colour. The shimmer also reflects the light so your skin looks more even and flawless. You can't go wrong!

Oh yes, and a little de-fuzz goes a long way, as warm as fuzzy legs may be in our British 'summer' weather - no one likes the yeti look!

So there you have it, my little remedy for beating your leg's post sun blues! 

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  1. Uhm.. intrigued about that Nourish Glow :) does it smell good too?


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