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16 May 2013

I purchased this Origins GinZing mascara after reading some great reviews about it. I love Origins as a brand and think that their products are amazing, but i was hesitant to splash out on the makeup.

This GinZing mascara is formulated without parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, petroleum, paraffin or a number of other noted scary 'chemicals'. It has no synthetic fragrances or animal ingredients. Mascaras with great formulas like this are hard to come by and often very pricey and while this Origins mascara is up there with the most expensive mascaras i've ever bought, i can fully say it's 100% worth it.

For once i'm finding a product is actually living up to it's hype. Thank goodness for that! 
I have naturally quite long, full and thick lashes, they are also fairly curly. Not to blow my own trumpet but i think they are one of my best features and i often get a lot of comments on them (some people even think i have extensions - don't). So for me i like to show them off to their best, and mascaras are so key in doing so and therefore are quite important to me.

I usually wear a thick bold wing on my eyes which makes my eyes look bigger but can detract from my lashes, but as they are so long i usually am able to get the balance to get the big eyed long lash effect i like. For this review i though it would be much better for you to see a clear true result of the mascara without the effect of the wings (in honestly not wear my wings makes me feel weird and pretty naked, the things i do for blogging!) i also kept my eye shadow totally neutral for the same reason. So excuse the crazy eyebrows because i'm lacking the rest of my makeup to balance them out! 

This mascara is fabulous not only for it's healthy clean formula but also because it makes (in my humble opinion) my lashes look mega! Super long, extra black, bold and lovely and thick! It seriously gives my long lashes massive VaVaVOOM! 

The formula doesn't clump or look gloopy and is incredibly buildable. One coat gives a bold but natural effect and two coats - which i'm wearing in the photos- make them look really Pow, without being spiderleggy or clumpy. Three coats (oh yes i love my 3 coats!) creates a fluttering dollylash look, perfect for a bold eye and a great night out look. I would say the colour is a good true black that doesn't fade or look ashy grey.

As for the curl, as i said my lashes naturally curl right up on their own and pretty much touch my eyelid (this sounds great, but its a serious con when trying to wear sunglasses or use microscopes -science class was always a nightmare) and most mascaras have little or no effect on boosting curl, or the really bold ones can sometimes weigh them down a bit. Origins GinZing doesn't weigh my curls down at all and helps enhance the look of the curl very nicely and give them a bit of a lift, just like they claim! I don't and haven't used eyelash curlers here (or ever! - they freak me out!) Application is easy and smooth and as i said before isn't at all clumpy or gloomy.

The brush is pretty big but after first thinking it was a bit scary I found it actually very easy to work with and it coated my lashes evenly with little tugging and i was able to apply the mascara from root to tip as well as still being able to reach the little lashes in the tricky corner of my eye and even my bottom lashes. I was worried with my bottom lashes it would be too big and leave a mess under my eye but it didn't even with my bad application skills. The formula also lasts all day on both my top and bottom lashes and as I discovered the other day is quite resistant to smudging and accidental eye rubbing! And so far it holds up in the rain pretty good too!

They only product on my lashes is two coats of Origins GinZing Mascara. No extensions, fillers,  falseies or curlers have been used. 

Also worth a note too- here i am also wearing the Origins Quick Hide Concealer, which is also great but i shall save that for another post!

Have you tried any Origins Make up - what do you think of it?

Mavs x


  1. Mavs what a great post, thank you so much! I was looking for a more natural mascara and I really like the look of this one :)

    Ila x

  2. Your lashes are so long and pretty!! xo

  3. Eep those long voluminous eyelashes totally match you! Love love this, the mascara sounds great.

  4. Looks beautiful! Love how you've paired a subtle eyeshadow with it too, such a demure look.

    Samantha at


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