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3 October 2012

News for Primavera today!

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Primavera have recently brought out their new Calming range of products for Sensitive and delicate, easily irritated skin.
Products in the range are: 

Organic Facial Cleanser Cream, £24.00 (100ml)

Organic Facial Toner, £24.00 (100ml)

Organic Moisture Cream, £37.00 (30ml) 

Organic Eye Contour Cream, £35.00 (15ml)

Organic Face Care Starter Kit, £15.00 - This kit includes mini sizes of all the products from the range in 15ml for the Cleanser and Toner and a 5ml Moisture Cream with a 1.5ml Eye Cream.

These products are formulated with Organic Chamomile and Borage essential oils, both ingredients are excellent for healing and provide soothing and calming properties. Chamomile is certainly used for this often so you know these should be a sure thing even for sensitive skin.

Being a packaging geek, like the rest of their products the bottles of the Cleanser and especially the toner look absolutely exquisite! The green is just insanely beautiful and deep. If I saw this or any of their bottles, on the shelves I think I would be tempted to buy it even if i had no clue what it was! Haha. I just think its simple and stunning!

You can check out this pretty new range here at

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