Amarya Beauty Box - August

18 August 2012

Well it’s that time of month again and the exciting Amarya Beauty box day has finally rolled around!

This beauty box was a bit hit and miss with me. On the plus side I got some brands that I’ve wanted to try and a TOTALLY NEW (!) brand that I had never heard of and was really excited to see!

So excited in fact that I slapped it on my face almost straight away, which A) as my Boy pointed out, was silly because it was a night balm and it wasn’t night time (actually mid afternoon) and so how could I really see night time results if not at night?…How indeed. Then B) in my typical over-exuberant style (bad habits, hard to break, yadda yadda) I liberally applied far too much and in the wrong way. What can I say, the excitement took over and I got carried away with it all. This is how you learn kids!

Other than this, I was disappointed because it was all skin/body care other than a room spray. That I kind of felt – ‘meh!’ with, room sprays aren’t really my thing  (allergies and all that jazz) and I prefer a product that I can really test out and play with. But hey, that’s just me being picky and I’m sure once I have a little spritz I’ll rather enjoy it (even if the Boy doesn’t ahha)

So, to sum up what I received in this August Amarya Beauty Box ,and my initial impressions:
(in photo order)

Neom - Tranquility English Lavender, Sweet Basil &Jasmine Room Mist: Meh, we will see, gotta give these things the benefit of the doubt…you never know I could be raving about it in a week!

Santaverde - Aloe Vera Hydro Repair Gel: A little confused over this one…it’s a regenerative serum/cream. I will have to do some research before delving into this one!

Cowshed -  Lazy Cow Soothing Bath & Shower Gel: Always wanted to try Cowshed and they always have good reviews so I’m interested to test this one out! It has a blend of Jasmine, Chamomile and Sandalwood and smells pretty yummy- reminds me of the smell of health food stores! Yum.

Pomegranate - Active Night Plus: A rejuvenating anti-aging roll on balm.
I.e. the balm that I rolled energetically over my face like a loon. With the benefit of hindsight, I’d avoid this method, you just end up trundling around with one very shiny, greasy face that makes your eyes water with the intensity of the scent from the copious amounts you’ve put on. Also to note if you have your other half with you, they might (will/did) stoically refuse to interact with you until you’ve gone and sorted your face out, and then sporadically wrinkle their nose at you until the scent has faded many hours later…. Like I say though this only might happen, it’s not meant to be part of the night balm experience…

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