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7 February 2016

Firstly, please excuse the out of focus bad photo since taking the photos i've recycled all the packaging so i'm unable to reshoot!

Anyway to the man point of the post. I've been really minimal with my beauty in the past few months, I'm not sure whether it's because every other part of my life was super busy or because I'm simply lazy. This meant that up until now I haven't been getting through products as much, but with my aim to plough through all my minis and samples, I'm actually starting to get through my stash, so here are the latest products I've got through.

 balanceMe Super Moisturising Body Wash 

On one hand I really liked this body wash as it certainly was very moisturising for a body wash while also being as cleansing as you would hope. However, for me, I hated the scent. Just couldn't stand it, it was quite spicy and earthy and in my opinion, very masculine. Not something that works for me, so I popped this in the shower and gave my BF strict instructions to use this and not any other one. It went down brilliantly with him. He really enjoyed using and thought the scent was great too, it really energised him up in the mornings. So it goes to show really, somethings are very dependant on personal preferences. 

 REN Neroli and Grapefruit Body Wash 

Seeing as I wasn't getting on with the scent of the previous body wash, I gave this REN one a go because anything with orange and grapefruit is bound to make me happy. I did love the scent and found this to be a good little wash. Not sure I would buy a full size as it didn't really have a wow-factor for me.

 natracare Cleansing Make-up Wipes 

I've mentioned these wipes before, and I'm not a huge fan of using wipes, but sometimes time/laziness necessitates them. I found these to be brill at wiping away all my makeup quickly and effectively. They were lovely and gentle and I liked how thick the 'cloth' was, they felt strong and substantial. They smelt brill and I didn't feel like they were leaving a bunch of nasty residue on my face. I would buy these again!

 Swell Advanced Volume Shampoo & Conditioner 

I'll just start with saying, I wouldn't buy these again. But that is because they are actually really really good!! Eh?! Well I got these in a sample box, normally I wouldn't choose volumising products because I have A LOT of thick hair, but I think volume products like shampoo are a bit of a gimmick. Not so for these! They really do add volume to your hair, and for me showed very visible results. So that is why, I wouldn't buy them again. Which is very new experience for me, I've never not wanted to use a product again because it DOES work! If you have fine or thin hair then I would definitely give these a whirl!

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  1. Oh such a pity for the balance Me shower gel......x


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