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14 December 2015

NYR Unwind Organic Aromatic Collection

As you might know from reading this blog, I'm quite an anxious person, I'm always fretting abut something whether it's big or small! So it's always my mission to try and find ways to relax, if even a little bit! Baths have proven to be quite good for this and i've been loving having my own apartment where I can hog the bathroom to my hearts content!

Lately, I've been indulging in some very aromatic baths courtesy of Neal's Yard Remedies! They offer some beautiful little pampering gift sets that are awesome for this kind of thing. I actually wasn't aware of these cute little bundles until I was introduced to them by the lovely Aisha. Aisha is an independent NYR consultant who helped me identify what product I was really in need of! You can check out her Facebook page here it's got lots of great deals and advice! It's really great to have someone who can recommend products to you first hand and who knows loads about the products!

Aisha kindly offered me a set to try and we settled on the Unwind Organic Aromatic Collection* set which is a lovely bundle that includes the Aromatic Foaming Bath and Aromatic Body Butter. Now I'm not the biggest fan of Lavender but I do use plenty of products that include it because I know it has great benefits and it can really be relaxing. Plus the Lavender in these isn't the top ingredient and I don't find it that potent so I'm able to use this without it being a bother. In fact, as designed I find this a super relaxing mixed scent, blended with geranium and marjoram.

This is a really lovely foaming bath product as it's good to enjoy a product that genuinely foams well without SLS! I mean who doesn't love bubbles? I also find this to be quite a moisturising bath foam and it leaves my skin very soft without any oily slick or residue (and the bath isn't crazy slippy after using it after which is a huge plus!) I actually haven't tried the body cream out properly yet as I haven't felt the need to moisturise after using this bath foam, because it is quite nourishing itself! But I have been popping it on my elbows and it's quite luxe, very creamy and indulgent and gives the same lovely scent of the foam bath. As a set I think they work really well together and I think that at £15 for the box of two products it's a bit of a bargain. Plus this is something that would make a lovely gift, not only are the products wonderful but the packaging is just so so delicate and beautiful (and eco too)!

There are other versions of this pretty little set which you can check out on Aisha's NYR consultant page, it's well worth a look for family and friends, in fact I'd probably buy another one for myself as a little treat that doesn't break the bank (guilt free treating!) I really like the range of options available to you can get something that suits everyones preferences (and bank balance!)

Also on a side note, if anyone is thinking of becoming a consultant themselves, then Aisha is the perfect person to reach out to for all the ins and outs!


  1. Posted a comment but it seems to have disappeared!
    Thank you for such a lovely comment and keep up the good work - I love reading your blogs :) I'm happy to help if anyone has got skincare queries and send over some free samples too:) Please contact me via my website or facebook page www.facebook.com/nyroaishaj

  2. I too am an anxious person this is a really lovely post. Love the photography. I also find baths very useful I like using geranium essential oil as well as lavender especially at that time of the month x

    www.eloiselovesnature.co.uk | organic beauty & lifestyle

  3. I agree, beautiful photography :-)

  4. These sound like lovely products! The gift sets at NYR are so pretty. I placed an order after Christmas during their sale - can't wait till it arrives! I've purchased my first ever bath oil and a few other goodies. xxx
    www.justemma.co.uk - natural beauty, affordable fashion, everyday life

    1. Hi Emma, did you go for the rose & pomegranate bath oil? Hope you enjoy your goodies- if you ever wish to get some more products let me know and i'll give you 10% off and/or a freebie�� Happy New Year


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