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1 November 2015

You may or may not have been aware but I've been completely MIA, AWOL, Non-communicado on the blogging front and on social media for a while. In a nutshell it was because I changed a whole heap of big factors in my life. In the space of 3 days I moved house, moving in with The Boy (we've only lived together with other people before, never just the two of us) and started a new job! It was one very manic weekend and while it all went very smoothly and I surprised myself by being super chilled about it all, I still was in a total head spin!

While everything was settling down I found myself reaching for a few certain products that were a sure way to make my life a little bit easier. Definitely saviour products!

Normally I avoid face wipes but the Natracare face wipes* were a godsend when I was too exhausted to take my face off properly and with all my skincare and facial products packed away, they made a quick and easy way to get rid of the grime of the day and have that part of my life sorted in seconds. They were also nice to have on hand just to freshen my face when I didn't wear makeup but felt like all the moving sweat and detritus had built up.

On days when I have been wearing makeup, such as at work, I've been opting for super quick makeup and the Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals foundation has become a new obsession for me! It is incredible, I think it deserves a whole review of its own. In short, it gives great coverage, a lovely dewy finishes and blends like a dream!

For my eyes, again quick and easy was the goal and no palette is better than the gorgeous Lily Lolo Laid Bare palette. It has all the perfect nudes and subtle bronzes and browns that you need for a natural look that can easily be transformed into a smokey eye if needed. Can't rave enough about this palette. On top a really quick slick of Jane Iredale Black Liquid Eyeliner provides a bit more definition and gives the impression of a more put together look! This is the easiest eyeliner I've found to use and it's pretty much fool proof thanks to the soft flexible brush. For quick and easy brows I also reach for a Jane Iredale product, PureBrow in brunette. This gel has enough pigment to boost and fill your brows for a stronger look without the need for a pencil or powder if you don't have time. It also keeps my brows in place all day.

Finally, I have to give a nod to the Scentered Stress Less Therapy Balm* which certainly was a comfort and calmer through all the changes. A quick swipe on my wrists and temples and I could breathe deep and tackle everything a little easier.

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