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2 September 2015

When it comes to hair, I'm very very relaxed about it. I have a lot of long, thick and full hair! It's not too hard to manage and I rarely use products in it. I also don't wash it that often, only about once a week otherwise my poor scalp just dies and my ends dry up even with using oil on them. So I'm always swapping about  my shampoo and conditioner to get the best results and stop my hair and scalp becoming resilient to the products I'm using! But I always have one goal - shiny hair, glossy hair, hair that shimmers. I rarely achieve it.

However, lately I've been testing out these new(ish) superfood boosted shampoo and conditioner from Green People. They are the Quinoa & Artichoke Shampoo and Conditioner for High Shine*! Ideal for my quest to get glossy locks!

So do they make my hair glossy, oh yes! Thankfully, they genuinely do make my hair lovely and shiny and boy does my hair feel insanely soft! Like ridiculously soft, this is lovely but it can make my hair a little too silky if I want to style it that day, but that is a small price to pay and honestly I really don't style my more, more stick it up quickly into some random style if I can be bothered. But y'know if you do like to get for styling on, this is something to think on. Anyway, using this really helps tame and smooth out my hair while adding that lovely shine I like, all the while keeping it really lightweight! This doesn't weigh my hair down at all and the best bit is that they don't leave that nasty clumpy residue that I often get from natural shampoo and conditioners at the back of my head (does anyone else get this? Even if i wash and wash its just is never quite right.)

They also boast UV exposure protection which is pretty cool and has been a benefit through the brief but blindingly hot spells the UK experienced over the past few months. I'm planning on taking these on holiday also so I can make sure my hair isn't too frazzled by the heat and UV rays!

Additionally these products are designed to help boost volume in the hair. Now, like I said, I have very thick hair that has plenty of volume no matter what I do or use, so for me its pretty hard to judge on this part. I have had shampoos that have made my hair ridiculously big and volumous, but so far I haven't noticed anything dramatic with these, which for me is actually a blessing!

The scent of these is a little so-so, I was kinda hoping that would have quite a unique scent due to they main ingredients (although what I imagined artichoke or quinoa would smell like in a product, I genuinely cant say!) but they actually just smell like a lot of my natural products do; that earthy, herby vibrant scent often from citrus oils and ginger. It's a nice scent that I'm familiar with and happy to use.

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  1. Ah I love Green People and love this shampoo :)


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