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31 August 2015


I'm going on holiday!! I am so flipping excited to get some sunshine and get out and about a bit, I actually can't wait. I've needed a holiday for ages and I've been slowly prepping my beauty stash to accommodate my holiday needs! Here's a little overview of some of the great products that I'm packing with me on  my holiday! Some of the products are old favourites and some are new and unexplored! What better excuse to try products than for health and beauty on holiday!

I'm quite pointed about always using suncream and always take a massive stash with me! First up, I have the Green People Sun Lotion in SPF15, I also have the factor 30 but couldn't find it anywhere when I was photographing (i've found it now) I've been using Green People sun lotions for a few years now and really like them. The consistency is quite thick but as long as you work them in they don't leave too much residue. Both the SPF15 and SPF30 are UVA&UVB protective. Another favourite is the Lovea Bio SPF15 spray lotion which I find so handy for taking in my bag while exploring as they spray makes it much easier to apply. It's very easy to work in but I do feel a little sticky after using this. Stepping up the SPF factor, I've got a Lavera SPF20 Sun Spray that I've never tried out before. I love Lavera products so am keen to test this out (plus it sprays out in a peach colour which is wicked!) Last but not least is the Aesop SPF50 Protective Body Lotion* which I coveted for ages as it smells like mint! I'm hoping to do mini reviews of all of these after my holiday too so I can let you know how I found them!

Of course, sun lotions aren't the only products I'll be taking and while this isn't all of the extra products that I'll be taking with me, they are some key ones that I've been planning on packing.
A recent addition to my absolute favourites is the Zk'in Hydrating Mist*, which I have reviewed here. I found this utterly brilliant for cooling down and calming my red sun exposed skin and anything that helps with UV damage is a must on holiday! Keeping up with the hydration theme, I like to take a summery moisturiser with me to skin my skin hydrated and soft. This Lavera Exotic Body Lotion* is perfect, I've been using it sparingly so I can save it for my holiday and it has the most perfect summery scent- Vanilla and Coconut- total bliss! Now, there's nothing worse than mosquitos ruining your tan and glowing summer skin with their blasted bites, so I'm arming myself with this Jason Quit Bugging Me repellant spray. I used this last year and my family were all very skeptical until I didn't get bitten like they did ha! The best part of this being natural is that it is DEET free so better for the environment and better for me. Lastly, I'm a girl of planning and last year the sun didn't shine so bright and this time I thought if it happens again, then heck i'm going to fake it if I must! I've tried this TanOrganic Self Tanning Oil before for nights out for added glow on my pasty whites and find it wonderfully easy to apply, it dries fast and smells ok! So this is my back up plan, but finger's crossed I wont have to use it (you'll soon know by whether I'm able to review to or not!)

Obviously, there's a whole bundle of other products that I'll be taking along including my makeup products, bath/shower, face cleansing and haircare products which I might write about in another post but I wanted to cover the main body essentials and see what you guys think of the products I've chosen!


  1. Enjoy your holiday! It definitely sounds like you're set on lovely beauty products. That ice lolly purse is absolutely adorable! :) x

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