BOCA Botanical Toothpaste Review

29 August 2015

Tooth care isn't always on my top priorities list and that really isn't the best attitude to have. I have switched my toothpaste to natural formulas and bounce between fluoride free and natural fluoride formulas as I like to make sure I have the balance. I've definitely seen an improvement in my oral health since switching, my teeth I think tend to be whiter, stain less easily and I get a lot less mouth ulcers etc but I always had slight bleeding gums, nothing dramatic like i've cut myself, just a bit when I spit. This has changed since I have been using BOCA Botanical toothpaste*, and I'm as surprised as anyone. 

I was going to do a general review of this toothpaste like I usually do, listing pros and cons but always with the fact that it's more of a like/love/dislike thing rather than oral health overhaul results. But with BOCA much to my surprise I find that actually these toothpastes have really really made a massive difference to my oral health, which toothpaste have never done for me before. I didn't notice it as a dramatic change but slowly over time I noticed that my gums stopped bleeding, never got sore or had those pale marks on them anymore. They stayed nice and pink and my ulcers almost never occurred. The only thing I changed was my toothpaste, I was using the same toothbrush (I like to replace my every few months), the same brushing 'technique', brushing for the same amount of time and using the same water and my diet was still the same. So I'm chalking this up to the effects of BOCA.

With BOCA you have two formulas, one for day and one for night. I think this is genius. Just like our skin, our mouths are going to be different during the day and the night so why treat it with the same products for both? The two formulas contain different active botanicals, the day formula has blends of mint, rose, aloe vera, valerian and chamomile, while the night formula includes mint, rose and ginseng among others. The different formulas are said to help prevent bacteria building up a tolerance to the toothpaste and the ingredients in them. Keeping them at their optimum performance. BOCA call this 'Active Cycling Technology' (ACT) You might scoff and think it's baloney but after using this for over two months I'm really sold on this idea. It's the same with skincare and guess what - your mouth is part of your skincare!

BOCA toothpastes are SLS free and free from microbeads, triclosan, hydrogen peroxide, parabens and preservatives. They DO contain sodium fluoride.
Also a nice little note on the ingredients is that they are also chosen to help with the rest of your day/night too. The valerian in the night formula is incorporated t also help promote relaxation and sleep and the ginseng and caffeine in the day formula added to give you a morning boost! Cool. 

The set of toothpaste is said to last 8 weeks (each tube is 75ml), but what with travelling and staying at other places, they have lasted me a lot longer than that. I've kinda used this as like a treatment or a course of toothpaste. I was massively wincing at the price- a breath catching £20 (1 of each formula without a box) or £29 (1 of each formula with display box) but they are described as a 'luxury toothpaste' and for a toothpaste the results for me have been very evident. Now I've finished these and using a different paste I have noticed a difference again with ulcers on my tongue occurring (even though it is SLS free). Proof is in the mouth of the beholder! 

As I said I viewed this paste like a treatment course, rather than a lifelong change, and at this price I think that is the way I will keep doing it. Using a less luxury toothpaste and then swapping to an 8 week 'course' of this to keep my mouth (and purse) in balance. 

Day Formula Ingredients:
Siberian ginseng, caffeine, mint, rose, aqua, pentasodium triphosphate, glycerin, sorbitol, xylitol, sodium fluoride, potassium citrate, hydrated silica, titanium dioxide, cellulose gum

Night Formula Ingredients:
Chamomile, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, valerian root extract, mint, rose, aqua, pentasodium triphosphate, glycerin, sorbitol, xylitol, sodium fluoride, potassium citrate, hydrated silica, titanium dioxide, cellulose gum

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