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7 July 2018

I kept trying to think of some witty title for this post that would grab your attention but then I realised the name of this brand does that all on it's own. So there it is. Who Gives A Crap.
And yes, that is the actual name of the brand, but you probably already know that because this brand has been making a seriously big splash (there's a pun in there...) in the sustainable, conscious, plastic free, zero waste etc etc world of late.

I was actually introduced to Who Gives A Crap through my bf's mum who found them on Facebook (the power of social media, people!) and knew they would be right up my street. And indeed they are.

Here's the spiel. Who Gives A Crap are a groundbreaking Australian Toilet Paper company. The core ethos of the brand is two fold. Firstly it is about helping those in need. WGAC donate 50% of their profits to build toilets and fund sanitation improvements in developing countries in order to try and reduce the shocking statistic that approximate 40% of the population doesn't have access to a proper toilet and are exposed to life threatening unsanitary conditions. 
The second and arguably just as important USP of the brand is their environmental values. All WGAC paper is made from 100% recycled paper (from office paper waste and books sourced locally from schools and offices near the WGAC production) or from sustainable bamboo (I'm delving a little deeper into this product before I test it), free from chlorine, dyes or inks and scents/fragrances.

WGAC toilet paper is delivered in a big sassy slogan emblazoned cardboard box (recyclable) straight to your door as frequently and with as many rolls as you've chosen from the available options. There's minimal plastic- just one strip of sellotape on my delivered box and that's it. Each roll is individually wrapped (for sanitary reasons) in funky designed paper jammed with interesting facts,  tips on how to re-use the wrapping before you recycle it (yep its full recyclable too) and other nuggets of wisdom. It looks great. It's worth noting that WGAC toilet roll is also very affordable, I wont bore you with the maths, it's all on their website anyway. 

Speaking of the website I wanted to note how refreshingly transparent they are with all the small details on certifications, manufacturing, ethics, shipping, materials and all the reasons, research and calculations behind their decisions. It is well worth sitting down and reading through all the documents, there's a lot to learn and you get the picture that this isn't a 'jumping on the green bandwagon' company, but a company that truly cares and tries to be as positive as possible in all aspects.

So, down to my thoughts. Based on what I've researched about the brand itself, I think they are pretty brilliant. I'm waiting on a couple of answers for some minor questions I have but everything else that I want to know is available on the site, including things I hadn't considered. 

The paper itself? I've been using the 3ply recycled version for a few months now and well I mean it's toilet paper, you wipe and go! I've never understood the need for scented- triple velvet- cushioned-extra soft- aloe vera -cooling camomile quilted plush loo roll. It's quite frankly ridiculous. The WGAC toilet roll is 3-ply and yes compared to your typical Andrex or other big name brand it is thinner but place it alongside even big brand recycled toilet roll options and it is much better quality. It is soft just like you need it without being stupidly so! Like most recycled toilet paper the sheets are a fraction smaller than the non recycled counterparts but they are strong and do the job! If I'm looking for a negative then I could say the perforations aren't perfect so when the sheet tears off the roll it always leaves a thin strip from the side of the sheet hanging down. But does it effect the usefulness/ purpose of the paper? No. It annoys my bf but really it's a non-issue.

WGAC also offer other ranges from tissue to kitchen roll and currently they have a free trial box offer running at the moment too. I'd encourage everyone to give this toilet roll a go. I wont be swapping to any other brand now I've started with them. I'm going to test out the bamboo range soon to see how that fares as well. 
As I said really delve into the website as there is a huge amount that they share with you. 

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