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10 June 2018

(pic credit: Kind Socks)

For a good few years now I've been very quietly using a small amount of my earnings to try and support brands and initiatives that I think will make a difference to our world. I say 'quietly' as I've never addressed it before, much like with donations to charity I've never wanted to shout about it in fear of it being taken as 'Look at ME. Aren't I being GOOD, I'm so great rah rah rah.' 
However, when it is someone within your own circle or community that is doing great things it makes sense to really shout about it and support them as much as you can. 

Over the years I've been hopping onto platforms such as Seedrs, and of course Kickstarter to find initiatives and products in development that I want to give a helping hand. Anything from waste and recycling initiatives to eco/ sustainable goods that range from household products like the Cora Ball to fashion companies like the wonderful new Kind Socks brand!

Kind Socks are an upcoming organic sock brand pioneered in Sweden by Stephen Steele (husband of green beauty blogger Sara Steele) and produced in India. Created with fabulous design and sustainability at the heart of their ethos they are offering stylist, funky and on trend socks made from 92% high quality GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton (the other 8% is compromised of 7% polyamide & 1% elastane.) 

What makes these socks stand out from the pack of other organic sock brands is the attention to detail. Firstly the already impressive range of on-trend and also unique designs the socks are available in, offering unisex options that will appeal to a wide range of styles and tastes. Secondly as you explore the brand there's a lot to learn about the craft that goes into them. 

Kind Socks state that they use combed cotton. Combed cotton is where only the long strands of cotton are used and all the cotton fibres are lined up to lay in the same direction. This results in a softer, smoother and more long-lasting fabric. Meaning that these socks will be the softest on the market.
Furthermore, Kind Socks are also using the latest technology to provide the most comfortable, high quality toe seam, using modern Lonati machines to create a hand-linking technique that produces a flat seam. This technique is usually done by hand and can have detrimental effects to the professional, leading to eye problems. With this technology in place the seam will be created to the same high standard without the negative ethical implications for the workers.  All workers are also all ensured fair wages and ethical working conditions in the factory.

Clearly a brand with a good heart for both the planet and it's inhabitants. I've backed Kind Socks via their current Kickstarter campaign and can't wait to see them succeed, at the point of writing this I believe they have just passed their target goal, but the more backing this brand can get, the better!

If you're interested in supporting this cool new sustainable sock brand head to their Kickstarter
(ends 18th June!)

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