The Body Shop- Strawberry Body Polish

31 May 2012

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish - £9 (200ml)
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This product isn't a natural based product, however, The Body Shop products are all inspired by nature and are all ethically conscious and do have some natural ingredients in. A lot of their ingredients are fair trade and cruelty free. So I'm happy to use their products and write about them on here!

I love love love this body scrub. I first got it in a small beauty set from my lovely Boy on Valentines and we both got addicted to it. For aaages we couldn't figure out the sweet smell (obviously Strawberry...but something else as well) and then one day I realised it reminded me of Calpol! I used to pretend to be sick as a kid just so I could have a spoon or two of Calpol! Hahah so the scent of this scrub is divine. Whenever I use it people say how amazing I smell or how great the bathroom smells after I've used it.  It is very sweet so I don't know if it would be for everyone but I can't get enough of this scent!

The scrub has Fair Trade Honey in it which leaves you skin super soft especially combined with the crushed walnut shell that is used in this as an exfoliater. The grains are not soo big or scratchy that they rough, but are just right for a lovely exfoliation for a good clean feel. I also love how the scrub has 'strawberry seeds' in it for effect, I'm not actually sure what they are made from or if they have an exfoliation use, but they look great and really give this scrub character! I looked at the ingredients and this scrub does actually have strawberry juice in it so it makes me happy knowing that the strawberry aspect of the scrub isn't just fake flavourings/fragrance.

The formula is a thick gel, they say it is a 'foaming gel' but I actually think that it makes more of a soft lather than a high foam result. But really that's nothing. For 200ml it retails at £9 which I don't think is too bad considering it is Fair Trade and cruelty free.

This is most definitely one of my favourite body washes to use. I get everything in one bottle; great scent, exfoliation, clean refreshed skin, soft skin, and I also feel quite woken up and energised after using it which is a huge plus for mornings!

If you are into body scrubs and polishes and love a bit of sweetness then this is certainly a product you should try!

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