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16 May 2012

Coral Bliss

Recently cutECOsmetics announced that they were supplying the US brand Megan Miller nail polish and I of course jumped straight in there and purchased some! Megan Miller nail polishes are '3 free' polishes which means that they contain no Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) no Formaldehyde and  no Toluene. There are lots of nail polishes out there that are trying to develop formulas of polish that are '3 free' but often the results are not the best. This is not the case for Megan Miller Polish!

I bought two shades, one bright and one soft to see how these polishes work from both ends of the spectrum. For the bright I chose Coral Bliss and for the pale I chose Lemon Ice. These polishes apply soo smooth and silkily! There is no gloopyness or stickiness to the formula which means that you get the most flattest, most even, smoothest coat application ever. I'm dreadful at painting my nails but I had literally zero streaks or patches when I used these polishes. When you first apply the first coat the formula does appear thin but it isn't at all. It only took 2 coats to get a completely opaque look and colour on my nails for the Coral Bliss shade. I did find with the softer/paler Lemon Ice if I wanted a more opaque look that I had to go up to 3 coats. But as I have to do this with many other nail polish brands it's no biggie. The polish doesn't chip overly so no more than a non '3 free' polish and doesn't crack in my short experience. As with all polish I use a clear top coat for protection regardless.

excuse the french tips underneath - also trying out new nails!

MM polishes come in the gorgeous and unique rounded bottles with little natural raffia bows which I believe are eco-friendly and sourced from Madagascar. The lid with the brush in is unlike I have ever seen. The brush is held in the standard plastic hold but the outer lid is made from cork over the top of the brush holder. Not only does it look super sweet and natural but also the cork does give you an excellent non slip hold on the brush. I just adore the design of these bottles and I am soo glad that the quality of the polish is equal to the design!

Overall a really lovely lovely 3 free polish! Head over to cutECOsmetics to take a peak at the pretty peacock inspired range of colours also available from the Megan Miller collection!

Lemon Ice


  1. oh my god, theses are the cutest nail polish bottles i've ever seen! i especially love the coral color -- i love wearing coral!
    and i really like your blog, by the way :) i'm officially suscribed!


  2. Hey Alexandra!
    Thank you, you are very kind, I'm really glad you enjoy my blog.
    Yes these literally have to be the sweetest nail polishes I have ever come across. I was so excited to find them! Coral is one of my faves atm too, makes me think of summer!


  3. Lovely colour! I love the packaging! So cute xxx

  4. Hi Karolina!
    They are fabulous aren't they! It's so good to use a product that both looks amazing and IS amazing!
    Thanks for commenting!



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