UNE- All In One Mascara

1 May 2012

UNE All In One Mascara (A01-Black) Available in Boots/ Superdrug and many online retailers.

You know by now that I'm obsessed with Mineral Makeup right? Anything mineral based, chemical free, natural, organic etc etc etc and I'm loving it!
Well I just started using another brand of mineral makeup and my makeup collection is over flowing and my complexion has never been better!

This makeup brand is UNE. A 98 -100% all natural makeup range that offers gorgeous colours and a wide range of products and tools. This range is a product of Bourjois but is a stand alone sister company that doesn't reflect the Bourjois brand. Its simply it's own beautiful thing. And as always I love it!

Normally I'm an absolute foundation junkie but lately my mascaras have been running out and I have always had issues with my eyes getting sensitive if I've been wearing eye make up too long in the day, by the eve I will suddenly have one eye that goes 'No, no. No. I've had enough' and I will have developed a red, blood shot, burning, stinging, tear streaming eye. All, in literally a blink of an eye. One (angry) panda eye and one normal is not a cute or comfortable look.

So with that in mind I decided to test out the UNE mascaras that were on offer. You can get one for length, one for thickness and the one I chose which is the UNE All In One Mascara in Black (A01). The colour of the mascara is a good true black and doesn't come out looking grey or have any blue/browny red tones which I find some mascaras have. The formula is quite light and subtle and not gloopy at all. In fact you barely notice  it on the brush (something that initially concerned me) until you start applying it and it really does cover the lashes well. My lashes do appear longer with the mascara applied, perhaps not that much thicker or curvier but still a vast improvement on my natural eyelashes. So far I haven't experienced any excessive clumping or fibrous qualities to the mascara even after you built it up a bit. The brush I genuinely really like, its a good shape, it's not curved or has super long bristles. the bristles are short and compact and I think it does the job nicely. There does tend to be a bit of build up at the top point of the brush head but as with most mascaras that's nothing new. I wouldn't say that this is a 'run-out-and-buy-it-now' mascara, you wouldn't use it for a night out with dramatic eyes, or a doll/spider eyes look but for an everyday natural looking lash this is definitely a good choice. It's a reliable, fuss free, no-fancy claims mascara that does what it says on the tin (tube.) I like it, it certainly doesn't irritate my eyes as much as other brands.

I would say though that the price is a little steep. It is by no means the most expensive but at £10.49 (Boots/Superdrug) I would definitely expect more from a mascara. Having said that this is the only drugstore mascara that I have found from a natural ingredients range and this might be what the price reflects.

The packaging of UNE might be described by some people as plain and boring but I think that it is simplistic and clean and that reflects perfectly the type of makeup you'll get. Pure. Clean. Simple. Love it. Though for arguments sake the white packaging does tend to get grubby in your bag after a while but that's pretty standard and normal. I do get the feeling that the effort has been put into the quality of the actual product and the design of the packaging  equally so that the products doesn't need to rely only on fancy packaging and design. I actually think the packaging for the cream foundations/concealers and blushes/bronzers is pure genius. They are a slide open box and you peel the front label off and the top becomes a mirror! See absolute genius!

Read more about UNE's ethics and goodness here!

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