13 May 2012

I love natural cosmetics and am always on the hunt for new ones to try out. Online shopping is 95% of where I get my products and cosmetics from so as with the goodies I'm also always on the hunt for a great natural cosmetics online site, whether it is for one brand or many. 

So lately I have discovered cutECOsmetics. And it's brilliant. I found it while searching for the best place to buy my beloved EOS lipbalms. In fact EOS also recommended them as a good seller after I tweeted them asking about retailers in the UK of their products. So all good! This is one of the best aspects of the site, they don't just sell UK products! No no, they sell UK, US and Australian products too, which is beyond good as it means I can get my products like EOS and Inika easy instead of getting them shipped from overseas or having to buy from expensive outlets.

CutECOsmetics is really a brilliant site, it sells a huge range of natural cosmetics and products that are all natural based or ruled by Ethics that they have hand picked to be the best of concious products. On the site you can even search for products by Brand or based on Ethics which is great if you are into Vegan products etc. All products have a key to see whether they are, organic, cruelty free etc too. Products range from make up and skin care to brushes and tools and all at really reasonable prices. They even have free UK delivery which is the cherry on the top -who doesn't love a bargain?!

My fave feature about the site is that they have a Features section to their site which features a new ingredient of focus. They give you a little blurb on the ingredient, its origins and benefits and then gives you a whole selection of products that they sell that include this ingredient. So marvelous. I literally have been learning new stuff by going on this site!

If you are kinda new to the world of natural and organic products then this is a good site to use as you wont get overwhelmed by fancy names and big brands and overload of a zillion choices. You can trust that everything is what it claims to be and that it's hand picked as the topest of tops so you have no worries. 

Go on, take a peek

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