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10 February 2014

This product was a 'return-to' product for me. When I first tried it out, it just didn't seem to do anything for me at all. It didn't cleanse my skin particularly, even with two applications and i found make up, mostly liquid eyeliner, a nightmare to try and get off. It just smeared it across my face!

So as you can imagine I was less than impressed and put it to one side. It's been a few months since and driven by a combination of running out of my holy grail cleanser (that's for another post) and trying to stick to my plan of only using samples and not buying new stuff, i ended up reaching for this cleanser.

Now I have to say it does seem to work better than last time, but honestly I still find this …. unsatisfactory for me. I hate to say a product is not good, i think it is more down to skin type and your water and many other factors, but I've tried this when my skin is good and bad, heavy make up and minimal makeup and it just isn't quite up to the job.

I've tried double cleansing with this, tried applying it to wet and dry skin, even tried with a Konjac Sponge. The best way for me is to apply it directly with a cotton pad and really work it in and then sweep off the makeup residue with another pad. But I have to use a lot of product and then rinse quite thoroughly and even then I still find i have makeup on my skin. Liquid eyeliner, is just too tough for it, it breaks it down a bit  but doesn't remove it. Panda eyes to the extreme is the result.

My conclusion is that as it is a 'Gentle Cleanser', for me at least, it is ironically just much too gentle! 

It's not all bad though, I do find this doesn't break out my skin at all and obviously it's so gentle it doesn't cause any irritation, not even around my eyes which is nice.So for someone with more sensitive skin than myself this is definitely worth trying as it may work better for you.
I genuinely love the texture of this cleanser, its a very thick cream with an almost slight jelly-ish form to it and it applies beautifully. It also washes off very well (just doesn't take the makeup with it)
The scent also is unoffending and smells quite a lot of chamomile which makes the chore of removing makeup more soothing i suppose.
(And you have to give it a high five for being a whopping 91% Certified Organic!)

Overall, this cleanser just obviously does not work well for me, maybe its my skin type or my makeup, I've seen so many positive reviews of this product so it goes to show how individual skin types etc have different results with different products. I won't be using it as a makeup remover or a true cleanser, however i will use it up as a more of a freshening product to use after I've woken up or had a makeup free day to just gently shift any grime that has settled.

This is a sample size - 25ml. A full size 200ml is £18.95 and 50ml is £10.95 (not a bad price!)

What are your experiences with this cleanser? Any tips for better performance?

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  1. I actually love this cleanser :) For a long time I used balm-based cleansers and loved them but started breaking out heaps. I tried this and my skin gradually returned to normal. I do think skin changes over time so what doesn't work now may work better later, that's certainly what I've found. Great photos :)


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