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18 February 2014

Well today is another gloomy and grey dreary looking day isn't it (well in the UK at least). Last night I popped up my video response to Rachel from All Natural Aspirations 'Going Green Tag' and answered her questions. I was feeling my previous videos were a little stodgy and flat and didn't really have much character to them. So i decided to stop playing safe and just let my personality run the show and if it comes across as a bit kooky, then that's tops because yeah that is true me. Haha

Also I've been playing around with my set up and backgrounds and made them a little more fun too. I tag everyone to do this video as its a good'un and pretty fun to do. Definitely going to be doing some more Tag videos for sure. They are pretty fun!

So enjoy the video where i answer some going green questions and go off on a minor, teen tiny, ever so small rant! 

As usual click the pic to be whisked to the land of Youtube!

Fancy doing this tag? Then leave me a link to it in the comments i'd love to see it if its video or even read it if you've done it blogger post style!

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