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4 February 2014

Well hello!

Do you guys remember about a year ago I gave YouTube a try? Well i liked it but honestly my life wasn't in the right place to do it. Now I feel like I am in a place and state of mind where I can really go forwards with it and give it another shot, because i was fun and it's a cool community to be part of. I'm so inspired by other YouTubers and i want to be able to hopefully inspire other people too. 

So I just thought i'd let you guys know that i'm taking it up again and have already popped up two new videos to get started and i can't wait to post even more! Bare with me as my editing is a little rough and while i get used to the camera in my face!

The first video is really just an intro explaining why i stopped and stuff. In the second video (which i've posted below) covers some natural beauty questions that i thought would be interesting for you to get answers to. These kind of questions always pop into my head when i watch other peoples videos or read their blogs, so i thought it would be good to give some background before i just jump in head first.

Hope you enjoy them, please feel free to leave suggestions and comments on video ideas or what you would like to see in the future.

Questions I cover:

Why and how did you get into natural and organic beauty?

Was it easy making the swap from traditional products?

What is the main lesson you've learnt from transitioning?

What are the benefits of going natural, for you?

In another video I hope to cover some more questions about my progress and development in the natural and organic beauty world.

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