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30 January 2014

When you start delving into the natural beauty world, just like with traditional beauty, there are always some names that you can't go two steps without seeing. Brands that people always have on their wish lists and certain products that are touted as Holy Grails! 

Jason as a brand is all of those combined. Never more so than with their toothpaste range and of course the ever-hyped PowerSmile toothpaste. 

The Jason PowerSmile toothpaste is to the natural beauty world what the Naked Palettes are to the traditional beauty world. Everyone loves it, everyone has it or has to have tried it. All other brands and products are measured against it and they never quite come close.

I'm not much one for hype, but, with this toothpaste I think it is totally justified.

I discovered the PowerSmile after a spree in Wholefoods but having never heard of it before, waited to buy it before i'd checked it out online and compared reviews against lots of other brands. My research flung up hundreds of positive reviews from natural and non natural bloggers. So I hit up my favourite online retailer (where it was much cheaper than in Wholefoods) and got myself one.

This is now my third tube. I even had to buy one for my boyfriend (and he is NOT keen on using my more natural products which he claims 'make him nervous' as he doesn't know what the ingredients will do to him. Errrm mind boggled!!) Anyway so the results are obviously really great.

PowerSmile is free from SLS, SLES, Preservatives, artificial colours, artificial sweaters, Propylene Glycol and Saccharine. Oh and of course its Fluoride free too!
Yet it still managed to pack a punch, whitening (i honestly notice a difference), controlling tartar build up, freshening the breath and antiplaque. 

Like i said i do honestly think it has whitened my teeth (ingredients such as bamboo powder, baking soda and silica all work to achieve this) and it doesn't make them sensitive at all or even make my gums bleed (like whitening strips cause on me.)

The beige colour and slightly chalky texture are a little odd to start with when you're used to bright white (or lurid blue and red) toothpaste that is creamy and smooth but you quickly get used to it and it isn't at all unpleasant. The peppermint taste is different too, lacking the artificial sweetness and sharp cold zing traditional pastes have, but again it is not at all unpleasant and you soon grow used to it and find it very refreshing. It doesn't foam or froth so it is a lot less messy than other pastes and i find myself using less water with it and feel i get a better clean that way as the paste then is more concentrated.

My teeth always feel really clean and smooth after brushing and my breath is nice and fresh. It doesn't burn my tongue during brushing and the taste doesn't linger and make food or drinks taste odd after brushing.

All round this is for me a Holy Grail product, worth the hype and even worth the cost. Cost-wise you need to shop around as this toothpaste can range in price from between £3.99 to £6.99 (not including p&p for online) depending on where you buy it!! 

I am tempted to always try new products but because i'm so happy with this one I never quite make the swap. However i have picked up the (more expensive) Anti-cavity Gel version from Jason (that has Fluoride in it) for when this one runs out, just so I can say I've given other toothpastes a chance. Although I'm still not brave enough to try the non-peppermint flavours. Fennel? hmm.

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