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23 January 2014

I am very very particular about scents. I like to be surrounded by pleasant smells and hate having to deal with unpleasant ones. I have very heightened senses when it comes to taste and scent so for other people it may seem a little OTT but honestly for me it is a major thing. For me scent and taste go hand in hand. Sometimes something smells so strong I can taste it so you can see why they are a focus for me.

I used to fill my room will gel scenters and plugins but after lots of research I realised all the chemicals i avoid in my skincare and make up and everyday life are just as present and just as toxic in fragrances and candles and room sprays. So i searched out more natural, cleaner alternatives.

Natural candles made with cleaner soy wax and essential oils have become a staple, the gel scenters and plugins replaced with natural formula reed diffusers. But room sprays I struggled with. I just never have the choice of scent that I crave, no matter how many Lavender Mist, Fresh Cotton, Sandalwood and Cedar Forest, typical combos or solo scents I come across, I never could and still can't really find…The One. 
Plus the price point for more natural cleaner sprays is just steep and out of my range.

So I started to tinker at it myself. And i learnt a lesson. I'd rather a room spritz that you smell for a second then leaves the room fresh and fragrance free, than a room dominated by vanilla pod, spice and all things floral, pine and nice!

This is where this room spritz comes in. It is inexpensive, it is the easiest thing to make, it's natural and clean, you can adapt it completely to just your spot on specs and it doesn't cause headaches, sneezing or wheezing that i've got from other sprays. You can even use your own decorative bottles, I used these pretty perfume ones, they work just as good as room spritz bottles!
Could that be any easier, nope! Amazing and so cheap to make.

The Vodka is used because alcohol is a natural deodoriser. It isn't harmful to your skin or furniture surfaces in the diluted form with water, and no, you can't breathe it in and get drunk (teehee). So the vodka eliminates any nasty existing smells and the oils of your choice give you that quick uplifting scent that fades away and leaves the room fresh and clean.

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