Korres Mint Tea Body Milk

18 January 2014

So this one a bit of a surprising one for me. I bought this body milk on a whim from TK Maxx after i'd swooped in on the Citrus Body Milk, it was sitting there right beside it so i thought, 'well i like mint and this sounds interesting' so i got it and it quickly fell to the back of my stash and i didn't think much more of it.

When it came time to pack to head home for the holiday period i wanted to take a full sized product instead of loads of minis but didn't want to cart my favourite products incase they split or leaked and were wasted. So a swift rummage at the back of my cupboard produced this. I packed it and again thought not much of it.

Then i opened it for the first time. This is so much more than i thought it would be!

You know by now that i'm really particular about scents and ramble on about them all the time, but there is literally no way to describe this scent, other than it's unlike anything i've smelt before. Is it minty? No, not really. Does it smell like tea…um no. Does it smell like peppermint/spearmint tea? Again, no.

I can't even decide if it's a feminine or masculine scent, i just can't put my finger on it, but it is for sure a real winner!

As for the formula, i expected it to be a lot runnier than it is due to the labelling of 'milk'. However it is actually like a thick cream and definitely feels very moisturising. The 'milk' properties of this makes it sink in really really quickly, with only a slight residue left behind. The scent it quite strong and lingers around quite a while. Other nourishing ingredients include Almond Oil, Shea Butter and Aloe and Soybean which give it the rich nourishing properties and results that i'm certainly enjoying!

Now this is going to sound a little strange but I have even tried this as a body wash. Yeah i know it does sound odd but i was inspired by that new In-Shower Moisturiser product Dove has out at the moment. Also i've before now tried the reverse hair washing method (condition first, then shampoo) and that's worked well, so i applied it to my washing routine. And guess what, it makes a lovely body wash too! My skin does get cleaned, but super gently and it feels very moisturised afterwards and the scent lingers nicely. My skin isn't tight or stripped so it works well!

Who would have thunk it?!

Ingredients-wise, it Korres so i don't need to go into great detail, safe to say its free from the typical 'nasties' that we all want to avoid including paragons, sulphates, mineral oil, silicones etc etc. It does contain fragrance tho, so that's something to note.

93.5% natural ingredients.

Would you try using a body milk or lotion as a body wash?

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  1. I just got the fig one of this for christmas! I haven't opened it yet.. Not sure i'm brave enough to be trying it as a body wash but will definitely get going with the moisturising. Love the blog xx


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