Salad With An Oriental Twist

28 January 2014

I love a good salad, which is surprising because up until the age of 18 I hated them. I hated lettuce and cucumber and pretty much anything green that was raw and essentially uncooked. I could eat cooked greens just fine, but cold salad, nuh uh, no thank you. Aaaah how times change.

Salads now feature daily in my diet and I find them so satisfying, they are crisp and crunchy, cold and refreshing, filling without being heavy and stodgy. Plus for a total piglet like me the joy of being able to have a salad that fills up a bowl that's bigger than your head, and scoffing it all, is just Bloody Marvelous!

But what I love about salads is all the combos I can think of, for the base, the topping and the drizzle. Endless possibilities! And all so darn quick and easy.

This is one that I have been enjoying recently. The salad itself along with the topping is quite uneventful and pretty much standard salad fare. But the drizzle, or the vinaigrette i should say, is what makes it really pop!

Raww now this is what I'm taking about! It's tangy, its slightly spicy and deliciously sweet. It can have a real kick to it, I suggest playing around with the amounts of each ingredient so you can get it just so (not everyone has a sweet tooth like mine). The Spiced Black Rice Vinegar is the key to this vinaigrette, it gives it the oriental infusion that makes it come alive, it gives it the rich depth and the salty edge. Oooh.

This dressing doesn't need any fancy work, just pop all the ingredients in a glass and give a good stir and drizzle!

Fancy giving this dressing recipe a go?

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  1. Looks great to me Mavs! I'm with you on the salad love. x


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