The Wooden Comb

27 February 2014

Just a casual little nod to this unimposing and often over looked little tool! The wooden comb.

Wooden combs have so many benefits that are far better than their plastic or metal counter parts. For starters wooden combs are often waxed and polished (no splinters here!) so the prongs are smoother and softer on your scalp and reduce and discomfort or damage. I actually find my wooden comb to be quite massaging due to the gentle nature of the prongs (i've read before that apparently combing your head in a certain way with a wooden comb is meant to be highly therapeutic and has even been claimed to improve women's health - for me the jury's out that one.) This massaging of wooden combs is said to help increase blood flow in the scalp which improves circulation and sebum production.

What's more the prongs tend to be wider and bigger and further spaced apart than on the standard plastic comb which again is easier and gentler on the scalp. The larger space between the prongs also means less friction and less snagging and much less tugging on the hair root so the risk of damaging your roots is reduced too! Waheey.

Talking of damage, wooden combs also have a nifty trick of NOT causing static! So no more crazy flyway hairs, less weird bits of fluff transferring from your jumper but also less static means less damage to the hair shaft. Static can actually make hair more susceptible to breaking so minimising static with a wooden comb is the way to go.

So so far that little wooden comb has lead to a happier scalp and healthier hair. Oh but its gets better, to top it off did you know that wooden combs are actually helpful in maintaining hair health through distributing your natural hair oils evenly throughout your hair and stopping it from drying out. Yep, traditional plastic combs do not help your natural oils condition your hair as they just sort of slip past the plastic teeth, but with wooden ones the oils are able to be distributed by the teeth throughout the whole length of your hair. This helps nourish the tips of your hair (brilliant for people with long hair) and also stops the oils from building up by your scalp and causing excessive greasiness and sometimes dandruff!

Did i mention before that due to the nice wide set teeth of wooden combs they are suitable for all hair types? Especially so for people with thick and curly hair. The wide teeth creates ease of use and results in a whole heap less hair loss through combing! In fact the massaging mentioned above, is also said to help boost hair growth!

And finally for all of us who are concerned about chemical nasties, plastic combs are often made from petrochemicals which can leave traces of chemical residue on the comb and if used with heat from a hair dryer, there can even be more residue created that is then transferred into your hair and absorbed into the scalp!

Little extras on the side:
 - Some wooden combs are hypoallergenic - so suitable for people with sensitive skin or skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema on their scalp

- Oh and you know, they just look much nicer too, don't you think?


  1. I never knew there are so many benefits to using a wooden comb! Interesting point about distributing the oils too :) And I agree, they look so much better than plastic ones x

    Chesca x

  2. You have covered just all the aspects of wooden comb but apart from all the benefits, combing hair with a wooden comb is sheer joy .. the feeling of these combs gliding effortlessly through your hair is a pleasure :)


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