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27 July 2012


Exciting news for Neal's Yard Remedies lovvers!

It's been announced that they are launching a Bee Lovely body care range! After the success of the Bee Lovely Hand Cream that was released last year they have extended to the full works! There will be wide range of products including, Bee Lovely: Busy Bee Balm, Bath & Shower Gel, Body Lotion & a Hand Wash!
And of course they have brought back the wonderful original Bee Lovely Hand Cream which is available online here!

The whole range will be Soil Association certified and all the products in the range will be made from a blend of organic 'bee-friendly' Honey and organic citrus Orange & Mandarin essential oils.

The aim of the product range is to raise awareness about the decline of bees in the UK due to the over use of powerful pesticides such as Neonicotinoid. Neal's Yard hope to teach people about the importance of these little critters, as they are so super important, you just couldn't imagine! (total nature lover, girl from the country, what can you expect really ahah). Through this range you can help promote the protection of bees and help to save them!

What better feeling is there than lapping up beautiful skincare will simultaneously saving the bees and in the long run the planet?! So go sign the petition and save the fluffy stripy bumbles! (I have too!)

The Bee Lovely range is due to be released on August the 15th!! Very exciting!

You can check out more about this wonderful campaign and delectable products on Neal's Yard website:

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