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4 December 2013

I cannot believe it is December already! Well actually i can because i'm wrapped up in bed typing this as it is the only warm place in the house, and i can't go anywhere about town without a father christmas thrusting gym subscriptions at me! Hey the merriment of December!

Anyhow i've been testing some new products lately after i set myself a mission to just get on and use up all those samples and travel sized minis that are overflowing in my very many draws and cupboards. First impressions are quite important to me, but not the be all and end all. Many times i'll try a product, not like it and then pick it up again months later and fall in love. But when i adore after the first or first few uses, that's when i know its a golden keeper fosho.

So bite sized reviews of some products that I've been giving a whirl lately.

This little beauty I got in a subscription box a few months back and was uber excited to try it as I'm adoring BB Creams of late. I'm swaying way more to natural minimal coverage these days. I loved the REN BB Cream and was excited to see how this compared.

Well, I like it, i like it a lot. But i'm not sure i love it. At first I was a little shocked at the deep dark colour of the formula but soon realised it blends in beautifully and settles to a good warm colour. Definitely be too dark for people with fair skin though. I do also really enjoy the ease of application as the formula is so creamy and silky! Very nice.

So far, it is lovely and moisturising, does cover redness and blemishes without being thick heavy or cakey. 
Carry on using/testing - Yep!

Straight away adoration for this! So so fresh and clean and fabulous! I got this from the Melvita Rose Discovery Kit that I was gifted at the Natural Beauty Yearbook event. I genuinely thought i would hate the rose scent. I really don't, partly because it doesn't smell like old lady roses and partly because it smells just so citrusy fresh and clean. I think it smells lemony, which i right up my street!

This removes makeup incredibly well, without any harsh rubbing and you don't need that much at all. I even use this just as a face freshen up through the day if i haven't worn makeup and also first thing in the morning. It's just beautiful. I know i keep saying it but it does leave my skin so fresh and so clean!

Carry on using/testing - Hey Yeah! 

This is an expensive, hard to get product. Not many people in the UK know much about Doll Face as it is more of a US based brand. I adored a previous mask they had so had high expectations for this one. 

Now I hate to end on a downer, but blogging for me and especially reviews, is all about honesty and personal preferences and experiences. And this mask did not work for me at all.

Now this could be down to a whole load of factors, my skin type, my skin sensitivity etc etc. But just using this product once left me unhappy. I followed the instructions, popped it on and within minutes my face was tingling, fine, then it started to buuuuurrrn. After 6 minutes (out of the recommended 20) i washed it off due to the burning. My face was red raw where the mask had been and it looked like i was still wearing the mask as the skin was so inflamed. It was red, sore, shiny and so so hot to touch. I calmed it down with cool water and a cool cloth and then applied pure avocado oil. The next day the redness and heat was gone but my skin felt gritty and uncomfortable. I had oiliness for the next few days until i was comfortable to go back to my normal skincare routine.

Like I said, this is not necessarily a bad product, it just was not compatible with my skin.

Carry on using/testing - Unfortunately No. It's just not right for me.


  1. I found the Lavera too dark for my skin, but really liked the actual moisturiser.

    1. I can imagine, it is quite dark i'm lucky i have quite tan skin colouring, hopefully they will bring out some lighter shades for more fairer tones skin.


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