REN Hydra-Calm Global Protection Day Cream

13 August 2013

REN Hydra-Calm Global Protection Day Cream (15ml Sample Size)*

Samples have to be the greatest form of exploration when it comes to beauty and skincare. If it wasn't for samples that i've acquired from some place or the other (beauty boxes, magazine gifts, gifts with purchase etc) I wouldn't know about or use half the wonderful products that I do now. What with natural and organic skincare and cosmetics being quite pricey, samples give me the perfect way to test out a product before I commit to spending my money on it for a full size. 

Among others, REN samples have to be among my most prized and coveted samples of all.

This little tube is exactly why i adore REN products and why I love trying samples before I buy. 

Before  getting the sample (with a magazine i believe?) i wouldn't honestly have looked at this moisturiser. Firstly I never really bought into the global protection/pollution guard type creams advertised and also I never think of my skin as sensitive so this would definitely have been an overlooked product.

However, as I said this was a sample i'd got my hands on and one day grabbed as it was a handy size for travelling. I didn't particularly pay much attention to my skin the first time i used it but once i was back home I decided i might as well incorporate it into my routine and use it now it was opened.

Pretty much straight away I noticed how much I was reaching for this compared to my other moisturisers. It just sinks in like no other and my skin seriously just laps it up! It has quite a silky texture and doesn't need to be massaged or worked in much at all. Something else i noticed is how light it is and how my skin just feels hydrated without feeling clogged or sticky afterwards.

Ive tried this as both a day cream and also before bed and i was pleased to find that it works great as a night cream too as I don't wake up with an oily face, nor is my face dry. Perfect. Other creams i've used have caused my skin to be very greasy in the mornings but this just seems to nourish without any side effects like that.

From using this I am definitely looking more into using sensitive creams for my face as this really seems to be making a big difference. My face isn't as red after moisturising these days when i use this and it quickly calms any redness after I've had an intense cleanse. Additionally the red areas around my nose don't seem half as bad as they were before I was using this. I would 100% say the Hydra-Calm benefits  of the Bisabolol and Omega 3&7 rich blackcurrAnt seed and arctic seabuckthorn berry oil ingredients in this cream work completely!

The scent is the typical herby natural type scent but it is very light and subtle. The full size 50ml does seem pricey for £27 but after using this sample I have happily purchased the full size to continue using it! When you start instinctively reaching for a product over everything else i believe that shows it's worth the money, your skin knows what it likes and your brain will pick up on that!

Have you discovered a must have product from trying a sample?

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