Cowshed Cow Pat Hand Cream

2 August 2013

I'm a country bumpkin girl at heart and there's nothing I love more
 than using a decent moisturiser made with fresh, steamy, COW PAT.....


I know, i know this sounds eeww, but really this has nothing to do with cows, cow sheds or their pooping activities. This is just a fun play on words to keep the Cowshed company funky and quirky and their products inline with their brand name.

Actually the ingredients are a lot better than a sloppy mush of grass a cow's been chudding on all day. This lovely little moisturiser is packed full with grapefruit (an all time fave!) and coriander essential oils to make your hands super smooth!

And I can tell you, it really does. This is my bedside hand cream, it's perfect for when you go to bed as it is quite light and not too thick or oily, so i can pop it on and snuggle down into bed without waiting for it to sink in. I hate creams that take a long time to sink in because i'll be touching my duvet and rearranging my pillows and all that goodness with be absorbed into the fabric and not my hands...such a waste. So with this formula my hands get the full benefit and the pillows go without.

I also like this by my bedside as in the mornings i can wake up and pop it on for instant hydration and I also find the scent lovely and zingy, nice and invigorating if I'm still trying to break out of sleepiness. it's a very typical 'natural' scent, herby and 'green' and quite peppery.

There are a gazzilion other essential oils packed into this little tube including bitter orange and lavender, plus shea butter and cocoa butter and aloe vera and petitgrain for soothing and refreshing qualities.
Because of the high essential oil content they advise a patch test and also you only need the tiniest tiniest amount, less than a pea sized, unless your feeling super dry or super generous!

Not a bad price for a hand cream, this is the travel size and I believe this was an Amarya box item but I'd be happy to pay £8 for this small size as it last aaages due to you needing so little and I think it's a genuinely great quality product and the travel size is ideal for my handbag and beside my bed, I don't like lots of clutter so this tucks into place nicely.

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  1. Love brands that have a sense of humour. :) I've not tried any of their products but it sounds great - grapefruit! Yum.

    Hephzibah x


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