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14 August 2013

Suffer from eczema and psoriasis?

Then this news post might just be perfect for you! This september will see the launch of Grahams Natural Skincare, all the way from the sunny land of Australia, renowned for pumping out fabulous natural skincare and beauty brands!

Grahams Natural skincare is formulated specifically for eczema and psoriasis suffers. The team at Grahams researched the conditions and discovered that these skin conditions were on the rise in the population and were caused by internal factors as well as external ones. They found that a lack of Essential Fatty Acids led to an increase in the occurrence of skin irritation and sensitivity related to eczema and psoriasis. 

Armed with this knowledge they set out to make products that wouldn't dry out the skin and were gentle, healing and soothing. They developed a whole bunch of products from creams to shampoo to help alleviate symptoms of redness, itching and dryness, and also aid healing and repair of skin. Products including Calendulis Plus cream, and the Sooth-it-Balm are designed  to provide relief from these skin conditions. All done with natural formulas -free from paragons, sulphates and petrochemicals!

Packed with ingredients such as Manuka Honey and Calendulis these creams are suitable and gentle enough for all ages including babies.

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