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11 September 2013

L: UK Natural Health   R: US Natural Health

There are magazines aplenty out there that are focused on natural and organic beauty and health and fitness and sometimes it can be mind boggling which ones to choose. Do you buy one all about food and recipes or one all about fitness, but what about beauty and make up... it would be a lot to buy a separate mag for each (but if that's your thing, hey go for it!) That's why I love getting the latest copy of Natural Health magazine whenever I can.

Actually, I like to get two Natural Health magazines, the UK edition and the USA version. That way I can cover as much as possible from across the globe. There's nothing better than finding a new brand or product that you wouldn't have discovered if you'd stuck to UK products.

I love these magazines because they have a bit of everything in them, and when i say 'a bit' I don't mean a tiddly section that mentions one or two facts or products, but proper sections devoted to each aspect of healthy natural and organic living. And I don't even mind the adverts as there aren't too many and often I actually learn about new products and brands through them without it being too in my face.

The UK magazine is a lot bigger and the US version is a bit more of a light read and a little more hangbag friendly, but I do love how much is packed into the UK version. Keeps me going through my long commute across London!

My favourite section is obviously the beauty, make up and skincare sections. They always have great ideas and suggestions and often go in-depth into products and their ingredients so you really know what you are reading about. Often they have articles about types of new skincare regimes and detoxes and treatments as well as product suggestions. This UK september issue (top image) had a great feature on eco friendly brushes (not pictured) which really got me wanting to get spending and replace my poor battered ecotools brushes that are looking very tired and sad!

As I mentioned above the US version (2nd image) always has amazing products that I would never have found before and usually with a bit of googling you can find plenty of places that ship to the UK or even UK stockists, so it's always worth spending the time to check, because who knows what amazing products you might be missing out on!

My second favourite section is definitely the food segments in both mags. They both have loads of great healthy ideas and delicious recipes that I've started cutting out to keep in a folder for inspiration! Just take a look at that Aaaah-mazing looking Gluten Free Veg Lo Mein in the US September/October issue! Yu-uum! There's literally a dozen recipes I want to try out now because all the imagery just makes the dishes look 100% incredible!

Maybe soon you will be seeing my attempts at some recipes up here on the blog...

What do you think or natural/organic focused magazines? Worth a read? 

(PS, this isn't a sponsored post in anyway, this is purely my personal choice of reading material)


  1. Where do you buy the US version of the magazine?

    1. Hi, good question! I got it in WHSmiths along with the UK version. They are usually next to each other! Hope that helps!

  2. Hey girl! Have you read No More Dirty Looks? Supposedly it's like the Bible for anyone who loves natural beauty. Loving your blog. I follow!


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