LoveLula Beauty Box ~ September

23 September 2013

Its the exciting arrival of the first new beauty box that I love, not knowing whats going to be in it, what brands will be included, new ones, old favourites! Exciting! Unfortunately for me my excitement was put on pause as it seemed my next door neighbours had my lovely little box for a few days and the postie hadn't left me a note to say so! Hmph! Well anyway, no my box is here and I've finally had some time to give it a proper check out!

So what is in this first box of the Amarya-LoveLula Beauty box blend?

Ila Bath Soak: It was quite nice to find a bath soak in this box, its not often you get one. Oils you find aplenty but bath soaks not really, so it's refreshing to have a new variety of product in here. The ingredients of Vetiver and Petitgrain give this soak the peppery, spicy and warming scent I expected which is nice. Not overly floral or sweet, but I have to say I do have quite a few product that smell like this so scent wise it isn't anything too special. Still I shall enjoy giving this a test, especially now the weather is turning cold! Also Ila is a great brand to have included in this box, its a big name in the natural world which shows promise for future boxes!

S5 Calm Serum: Well, this is a new brand to me! I've had a nosey about this brand and they are making me feel really excited! They seem really science/dermatologically based and I love the target on stress within the range. That is something I will always be needing to deal with! I have the Calm Serum which is designed for persistent redness. It contains Sea Fennel Peptides which reduce the appearance of redness and inflammation on the skin. It also contains Sea Mayweek, which reduces the appearance of long term redness and irritation on the skin. Cool. This will be excellent around my nose where I often have redness and broken blood vessels. (There are 4 other types of serums: Renew, Illuminate, Purity and Replenish) Also how gnarly is the pipette bottle, love it!

Evolve Perfect Radiance Facial Polish: A nice little sachet to have for travelling, can't say I'm overly excited about this one as I'm not a huge facial polish fan, but it will be good to try and as a neat way to get to know the brand and their products. I do like that it has Acai in it as an ingredient, Acai is a super antioxidant for the body and the skin.

Oxygen Purifying Honey Mask: OH YES! How happy was i to find this in the box?!....Very! I previously got a sample of this in the Amarya beauty box and fell in love with it instantly! Yes it smells a bit funny but as a mask it is incredible. If i have bad skin breaking out, I pop this on and my skin literally looks refreshed and improved by the next morning! It's just a product that works very well with my skin! So to have a back up of this is mint!!

Ila Body Lotion: Another Ila, I don't mind having two of the same brand in one box, I know some people think it's a swizz but I quite like having a selection from one brand so you can cover more of what they are about. Again another spicy natural scent, a bit stronger than the bath soak, I am interested to see how long the scent lasts. It's also quite pleasant to have two products of similar scent so you can use them with each other without ending up smelling like a cross between a sweet shop and flower shop!

Overall? - Not bad for a first box! Obviously I'm swayed by my love of one of the products but I'm really glad i got this box and S5 has to be the stand out brand for me to explore from this months box for sure!

What do you think of this first Amarya-Lovelula beauty box?


  1. I just re subbed to this box so looking forward to next month, I think the serum looks amazing but I would be disappointed if I didn't get one for my skin type :) Xx

  2. Wow, it sounds like you've got many interesting stuff in there! Wish I can get something similar here in Australia! I really want to try S5 serums..


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