LoveLula October Box

24 October 2013

Yes that's right, I'm only just posting about this box and it is very nearly not october any more. But still! better late than never they say right? Agreed!

Seeing as it is so very very late and we have all seen lots of other people's lovely posts on this months box I'll keep it brief.

In this months box we have:

LAVERA BEAUTY BALM - Firstly, I adore Lavera, they make my favourite foundation ever and secondly I am really really into bb creams now. i've mentioned before how much I love the REN bb cream so it will be interesting to see how this one compares! Exciting!

SANTAVERDE ALOE VERA CREAM- Interesting, very interesting. i've used Santaverde products before and while liking them never made them a must have or part of my routine. Perhaps this will be the one that wins me over.

MENDILL- As an ex face wipe user this both excites me and makes me nervous. I used wipes all the time until i really read up on them. Now I know wipes are like marmite, love them or hate them but they can be really handy just for a quick once over or if you're travelling. Sadly i got the lavender scent,  dang it. 

DR HAUSCHKA MELISSA DAY CREAM - Another interesting one as I'm a fan of the ol' Dr H! I like how this cream is designed for winter protection as well as summer skin healing. It's a unique combo that's piqued my interest!

Overall, I like this box, but I am glad it had a decent sized Lavera product as otherwise with just the sachets I think I would have felt a bit short changed! 

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