Creamy Coconut Cleanser

23 April 2014

Give me anything coconut and i will gladly receive it with open arms. I was very excited to try this Essential Care  Creamy Coconut Cleanser, it's been sitting in my skincare draw for yonks (i do believe i got it in a beauty box but it was so long ago i really can't be sure…)

Now first impressions were good but i do have to admit that while i do like this cleanser and would use it again, i certainly wouldn't say that it is anything to particularly shout about from the rooftops. But that's just me. It's very nice, but you know 'nice' is nice.

Top marks do go to this cleanser for being what it says on the tube and being a very lovely gentle cleanser ideal for sensitive skin. my skin had no worries with this in terms of harshness. Which is nice. It gives a good clean but by no means a deep clean and it did struggle somewhat with my heavier makeup days. For makeup it didn't have  the 'melting' effect that other cleansers have so i had to really use cotton pads to get a good clean sweep, especially for eye makeup (pleasantly though it didn't sting my eyes at all)

However, due to being more gentle it is ideal for a double cleanse. Double cleansing provides a much deeper clean without it going too far and stripping your muggins dry.
I actually played around with this cleanser a lot and found that it made a lovely pair with a Konjac sponge, which together provided an effective slightly more enhanced clean. A face cloth was a touch too harsh and on it's own it was a tad too gentle. So after that it was used with my Konjac sponge (FYI i use the green french clay one) and it was perfectly adequate and nice.

I got surprisingly quite a few uses out of this tube (its a 30ml one - £6), i think because with the sponge i didn't need as much product as i did when using it solo. During the period of using it I didn't find it at all drying nor did it cause my skin to be oily, so snaps for that.

Finally the scent is definitely a pleasant one. I wouldn't guess coconut if i had my eyes closed, but i would say citrus and maybe a bit of eucalyptus. Obviously the main oil ingredient is coconut hence the name.

As for 'green-ness' of the product it's pretty fabulous. Its Soil Association certified, at least 88% organic ingredients, cruelty free and free from all the usual 'nasties' that we like to avoid. Good stuff.


  1. Really nice review! always like to try new face cleanser! x

  2. Great review, sounds lovely :) I really like Essential Care products,but have yet to try this x

  3. This is a good cleanser, one I always recommend, I love Essential Care products :-)


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