Prima Spremitura Hand and Nail Cream

10 April 2014

Prima Spremitura Hand & Nail Cream* (£9.50) 150ml
Hello lovelies. 
Today I thought I would share with you a hand cream that has been getting me through this past month or so. I suffer from Dyshidrotic Eczema and one of the only things that people agree on is that stress aggravates it and moisturising can help soothe and reduce itchiness and redness.

Stress for me makes my OCD flare up which means i clean a lot (without gloves) and wash my hands a lot too which obviously won't help the eczema either! So as you can imagine I try to stress less (not so easy) and am always layering on the hand cream. Now I get through a lot of hand creams and like to experiment with new ones. So when i was offered a sample of the Prima Spremitura* olive oil hand cream from Simply Naturale i was eager to give it a test.

This hand cream is created in Florence Italy by Idea Toscana and is the only IGP certified olive oil product in the world. This certification ensures that the olive oil used is 100% extra virgin Tuscan olive oil (the best known olive oil available) and is organic. The olive oil used is actually food grade -so super healthy and clean. It also certifies that the ingredients in the product are at least 95% organic and that fragrances are 100% natural.

This cream is very thick and 'creamy' and a little goes a long way. At first when you apply it, it can feel very thick and heavy but you soon notice that it actually sinks in well and the first sense of stickiness is completely absorbed after a few rubs and it doesn't leave any residue. As with many hand creams that boast oils as a main ingredient I always have a worry that they will be greasy and 'oily' but with this hand cream there literally is no oiliness at all and the only indication of the olive oil being present is the very slight yellow tint to the cream and the distinctive olive scent that it has.

On the topic of the scent, it is at first a little odd, like olive oil, citrus and herbs, to me it is almost like a Greek salad. But actually it does grow on you and I've come to really enjoy the scent and find it quite peppy and invigorating. It isn't overly powerful but lingers a decent amount of time. There's definitely some citrus and lavender scents going on in there too, from the other oils included in the formula.

I've been using this daily for a month or so now and although I can't really determine if it has helped my  DE anymore than another hand cream, I have started noticing that I'm actually applying hand cream less throughout the day. This may just be that i'm getting lazy but I think that possibly it could be that this hand cream is so gently nourishing that I don't feel like I need to keep reapplying it. With this and the huge amount in the tube it is lasting a long time!

This cream is free from: SLS, SLES, Parabens, silicon, artificial colorants, fragrances and Isothiazolinons. It is also cruelty free and both dermatologically and microbiologically tested. 

A 150ml tube of this costs only £9.50 and can be purchased from Simply Naturale online

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