Ila Bath Soak review (that is actually more a disdainful review of my water heating system…)

7 May 2014

I used to be quite big on baths, but, due to water boilers/heaters that have been around since the stone age, water pressure so low that a thready trickle is a sign of a good day and pipes so long, thin and old that hot water is cold by the time it has traversed them, they are somewhat of a rarity these days. 

Bath time in my house is relegated to nights when no one is in the house (we only have one loo and you can't run a bath or shower if someone is using the toilet or any other tap for that matter), the water heater has been running for precisely 15 mins (no more or the pipes bang and shake, no less as the water wont be hot/there wont be nearly enough for even half a bath worth) and the water is heated up just before you want a bath (because it mind boggling cools in a split second despite taking aeons to heat). Oh and you need 5mins of running the tap to get the hot water to flow and then a good 20+ minutes to let the bath fill...

Soo, anyway on to the review. As you can imagine from my disgruntled and long suffering previous assessment of my abodes water works and heating system, I don't get to enjoy many baths these days. But when I do, I make damn sure they are the best, most topnotch, tickity-ta-boo, all bells and whistles, no expense spared, full blown bathing extravaganzaaaaa! I mean it has to be good for all the damned effort that goes into running the bloody thing!

This is where Ila bath soak comes in. I got this lovely little sample in a LoveLula beauty box quite some time ago. While ill I used it a few times to help relax and help clear my sinuses and rather enjoyed it, but i was always being careful with saving it. Until lately. Recently i just wanted a damn fine bath and decided to go full pelt and drizzle damn near the whole bottle into my bath! I previously said the scent wasn't much to speak about, but with a good hefty dose in a really hot bath it gives the most wonderful heady scent and snuggly warm aroma! Love it!! Give me moooore!

It's blended oils of Vertivert, Petitgrain, Evening Primrose and Apricot and you can definitely smell the former two with strong touches of citrus. I think the Apricot and EP oils really come into play not with it's scent but with how soft my skin is after using this soak in the bath. And you know there isn't that nasty oil slick left behind that sometimes goes hand in hand with oil blend bath soaks and i don't feel at all greasy after using it. Just soft and scented and relaxed.

Another plus to this soak is that it turns the water quite soft feeling, not really sure how else to describe it, i just feel like it makes the water gentler and less harsh in a way. Also it adds a lovely milky quality and frosted appearance to the water which I really like! No globs of oil bouncing about on the water surface.

Overall, it smells great, relaxes me very nicely, leaves my skin soft and moisturised, doesn't leave mess and makes the bath prettier. What more can you ask for?!

Organic. Cruelty free. Paraben, colorant, synthetic fragrance and Propolyne Glycol free. (Oh and made in my home turf of the beautiful Cotswolds! Whoop whoop!)


  1. Sounds heavenly. You can't beat an amazing bath soak :) x

  2. I really liked the bath soak too. I wasn't so keen on the body lotion that came with it though.


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