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11 March 2013

Hello ladies (and gents!) just a quickie update on a fun little titbit! While slopping about the newsagents between trains at the weekend I noticed that there are some fantastic natural and organic freebies being given out with magazines this month!

Yaaay! So what have we got?

The April issue of Marie Clair has a full sized Neal's Yard Bee Lovely Hand Cream, which is insanely amazing as you'll know it is my most favouritest hand creme yet! The mag is £3.80 which is great considering the hand cream alone costs £10, huzzah! And it's got an interview with Mila Kunis, who is a total babe!

Good Housekeeping have a full sized balanceMe hand cream (also worth £10) with their April Issue. Price is £3.90 so again it's a great price for such a superb sample!

I love it when you get brilliant samples with magazines, especially when I was going to treat myself to it anyway (i know, i know it's sad that these days i have to only have a magazine as a treat but oh well) all the better to get a lovely sample that is not only a decent size but also a natural and organic brand too. This organic and natural beauty scene is booming at the moment and it's very exciting!

So scoot! Off to the local newsie (or your supermarket, you choose) you go and reap the glorious benefits before someone else snaffles them up! woohoo!

PS I love how both the celebs featured in the mags are perfectly petite women too! Yaaay.

Mavs xx

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