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14 March 2013

 White Grapefruit and May Chang 70g -£10

Who ever knew that photoing candles was so tricky? Or is it just me being totally inept and a bit of a nonce with a camera? Haha 

Anyhoo, currently burning through my nights is this beautiful White Grapefruit and May Chang candle from Abahna. A soft but tangy, slightly floral subtle scent that is beautifully fresh and clean smelling.

So what makes this candles so good? Well, first of all, being natural wax they burn clean and don't have a smokey smelly output, there is nothing worse than the sooty dirty smell you get from other candles. Secondly the scent is quite subtle and not at all over powering but it lingers along time and leaves each room lovely and citrusy.

Grapefruit has to be one of my all time favourite tastes and scents so this was a winner for me, added with the lemony May Chang it's divine, not a hint of cheap fake citrusyness either. This will never leave you thinking of that luminous 'lemon fresh' all purpose bathroom cleaner, thank goodness for that!

The Pink one is Frangipani and Orange Blossom which I haven't tried yet!

As for the packaging well you can see for yourself that it is stunning in it's own right. Each scent of candle has it's own beautiful floral/flora design and is smattered with dusky gold dotting over frosted glass. This is certainly one that will look amazing on your bedside table full of jewellery and trinkets after the candle has gone!
These candles also come housed in pretty coloured boxes, each again with the matching floral design with a chic black bow on top.

Lovely! These pretty little candles cost £10 for the 70g version I have and is also available in 180g for £27. These larger ones also come with a delicate gold lid, perfect for keeping the scent alive!

A must try for candles lovers for sure!

Mavs xx

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  1. I like Abahna and the Grapefruit & May Chang is my favourite scent from the range :)


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