Dirty Little Beauty Secrets

28 March 2013

Beauty blogs and sites are always raving about the best routine or the must do beauty chore that you simply shouldn't live without or skip past, but we all have our little naughty moments, we occasionally drop the ball on our beauty regime, but you know what, it's ok! 

The other day i got to thinking about my bad beauty habits or lack of habits and thought i'd share them because we girls, we're all human and you know honestly it's ok!

So here are my top worst dirty little beauty secrets:

1 // I always cleanse - but i never tone! (i can feel the shockwaves rolling around the beauty world as i type!)

2 // I chew my nails, i know it's gross but i don't bit them off, i just chew until they go gross and bendy

3 // I'm terrible at washing my brushes and find it a total CHORE! 

4 //  I LOVE picking my split ends, it's bad but compulsive!

5 // I have (and probably always will have) make up and skincare that I still haven't used floating in my    draws yet I still always buy MORE!  

6 // I still end up buying foundations the wrong colour even with a beauty assistance help! 

7 // I rarely brush my hair, I didn't realise i lost my tangle teezer on a trip until 2 months after the trip!

8 // I hardly ever clear out my stash, routinely have make up out of date /broken and even have makeup that's older than I am (courtesy of my Mutti)

9 // I buy products sold on their fancy name or scientifically named ingredients, i may not know what it means but gosh gilly it sounds clever and like skin wizardry so it must be good!

10 // Eyelash curlers will always freak me out!

What are some of your dirty little beauty secrets - come on girls we all have them!

Mavs xx

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