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5 March 2013

Currently my skin has been grossly shocking and in all honesty, it's 100% my fault! 
For years now I've known that my skin reacts very very quickly and badly towards sugar, when i was 15/16 i went on a sugar detox on the advice of The Chubby One (my mum) and it was amazing the effect it had. Alas i also have a full set of sweet teeth, that's right not a 'sweet tooth' no no, not for me, i have a voracious set of sweet teeth!

I LOVE SUGAR! To put it into perspective for you, on a GOOD day, when i'm being VERY restrained i'll have three heaped sugars in my tea. Most people will raise their eyebrows at two. On the average BAD day (most days) I have five to six heaped tea spoons of sugar in my tea...
You can practically stand a spoon up straight in my sweet tea. 

Yeeeeeeaaaah, Even i wince at reading that. Ha so erm don't hate me, i just have awful will power! NB i'm writing this while diving into a box of After Eight. I asked for one, i got the whole box. My bed is a sea of wrappers, this post is typing up slow as the majority of the time my hand is sailing through the short distance between box and my face. See, no will power.

If there was any justice in the world I would have terrible cavities in my teeth, as luck would have it my teeth are practically invincible, so it's my skin that gets all the problems. The thing is there are just so many lovely things that i like that are packed with sugar or i love to add sugar too. Main culprits include (but not limited to):
Tea, Coca Cola (and other fizzy, coke just has a special place in my heart), Chocolate (no brainer), chocolate cake, Glace Cherries (weird i know but i eat them like sweets!), Mints, Squash (as in the drink, not the veg, although I do use no added sugar versions, ditto for the mints), Nesquick and Cereals (shreddies, wheatabix/oatabix in particular are highly compatible with extra sprinkles of sugar!) The latter two being doubly offending to my skin as they both require copious amount of milk, another skin aggravator of mine!

Eurgh, so I thought it was about time to put aside the After Eight, the cans of Coca Cola and get to grips with my sugar habits and while i was at it make a it more effort to eat more of the good stuff. To make this more entertaining for myself I've grabbed a copy of 'The Clear Skin Cookbook' (i love cooking) by Dale Pinnock and challenge myself to creating and eating great meals and sweet treats that wont let me slide back into my sugary desires! 

My first stop, Raw Key Lime Pie made with avocados and walnuts! I saw a chocolate version of this on River Cottage (i love that show!) and it looked amazing so I'm pretty eager to get going and what better way to start than with a heathy sugarless dessert! 

Wish my luck on this little adventure, I'll try and keep you guys updated on my failures and successes throughout! Check out this book if you're interested, it's got amazing insightful advice and information on nutrients and everything alongside the recipes, which is so useful and helpful!

To good skin and beyond....!

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  1. Hey Mavs, I just wanted to wish you well on your mission! Sure being so petite you're familiar with being told not to worry about your sugar intake, but the media has done a great job of late in showing us just why we should worry. Good luck! Gem Bolton x


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