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27 March 2013

I've had this pretty little eyeshadow duo palette floating around in my draws since the bareMinerals READY eyeshadow collection was first launched. I believe I actually got this in a goody bag from a press event at some point.

At first I wasn't sure on the colours and so initially avoided testing it out despite being a total bareMinerals makeup whore! This duo is called The Nick of Time and features a beautiful pale, creamy and ever-so slightly peachy toned nude called Chance and a rich, deep and very velvety smokey brown with mauve undertones called Kismet. Chance has tiny tiny specks of shimmer glitter that give it a bit of depth without making it a sparkly or typical shimmery shadow. Kismet is a smooth matt. 
Over time the colours grew on me, i think at first i was thrown by the mauve in the Kismet colour but once i applied it I saw at once how versatile a colour they both are and how gorgeous they look! The photo doesn't do these colours justice, Kismet isn't quite as pinked toned as it looks in the photo - just blame my shoddy photography skillzzz lol!

The pigmentation of these shadows is amazing, with a little sweep you can get a lovely sheer wash of colour and build it up to a really bold striking effect. The powder is super creamy and smooth and not a hint of chalkyness in texture or colour at all. Described as an ultra smooth  and silky texture, these shadows are just that.  Easy to pick up on the brush but with little wasteful fall out.

Apparently this great result is down to bareMinerals SeaNutritive Mineral Complex formula with antioxidants, cold-pressed borage oil, caffeine and cucumber extracts. All work to keep your peepers looking bright, shiny and prepped with less puffiness and lines! From someone who has a turbulent relationship with sleep, Cheers to that!

Thanks to the amazing formula these shadows are quick and easy to apply and blend superbly! It takes me no time at all to achieve a subtle day smokey-eye look. I guess that's why they are part of the READY collection.

Another thing that I love about this shadow duo is the packaging. It's made from a smooth almost rubberised material that is brilliant at protecting the palette from mishaps and being tossed about in my bag. The material of the packaging does tend to pick up and show grubbyness a lot but that's a fare trade off for perfectly formed, unbroken shadows! The mirror provided is also a really nifty size - no squinting into thin strips of mirror here!

The READY range comes in a whopping 22 sets of complementing duo shades, thats 44 individual colours right at your finger tips. I do think £19 is quite high for an eyeshadow duo, coming out at £8 a shadow but for the incredible quality of the powders I would be happy to purchase these myself (got my eye on the palette called The Top Shelf!) Also available is the READY 4.0 and READY 4.0 REMIX sets which as you can guess contain 4 shadows.

This palette is certainly a perfect grab and go eyeshadow duo for day or night and i would recommend it to anyone. Of course not to mention these  shadows are free from parabens etc

What do you think of these duos? Have you tried them yet?

PS - i just noticed on their page bareMinerals have great little eyeshadow tips and guides to creating pretty eye looks with these palettes at the bottom of the page. Sweet.

Mavs xx

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