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19 March 2013

I got these little samples of Gielly Green shampoo and conditioner from one of my Amarya beauty boxes a few months back and have just got round to using them.
I'd never heard of Gielly Green products or the salon before but seeing as the products are 95% natural I was keen as mustard to check them out.

These products first of all smell fan-bloody-tastic! Seriously deliciously yummy, really fresh and zesty and invigorating. The best thing is that these are actual sizes on offer, they are part of the Travel size range from the hair collection.

Classic Shampoo:
A mix of grapefruit and grape and any other incredible oils this beautiful shampoo cleans my hair really thoroughly without stripping it and leaves it light and shiny. After using this I had the best results with my dry scalp yet, i cut out SLS to help with my dry itchy scalp but never found a shampoo that really really tackled it, this shampoo however, really has made an incredible difference. I thought it was just me at first but I do believe it is a result of this great shampoo.
This travel size tube costs £5 for 50ml

Classic Conditioner:
Like the shampoo it is a brilliant product. It leaves my hair well nourished and sleek without leaving it feeling heavy of weighed down. I can even put this near my roots without worrying that I will wake up with greasy roots. My hair feels super soft even after a day or so (most natural conditioners i find make your hair soft for a few hours then it's make to feeing dry) and even after blow drying. This conditioner doesn't smell quite as great as the shampoo but I still think it smells damn great.
This travel size tube costs £5 for 50ml

Both products and the rest of the Gielly Green Boutique Collection products are 95% natural and are fee from; Parabens, SLS (but do include the natural form Sodium Coco Sulphate) and SLES. Both are also suitable for normal to dry hair.

This is definitely an example why i love beauty boxes because you get to discover amazing products that I might never have com across before. And this discovery was a great one.

Mavs xx

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