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15 April 2013

Zoya Polish in Julie - £10.50
So you might remember a few posts back I showed you the beautiful Zoya polish that was included in the March Amarya Beauty box.  Zoya nail polishes are free from toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP (phthalates) and camphor and have a wonderful range of shades, seriously gorgeous!

This polish colour is Julie and it's as you can see a soft blue toned lilac with silvery blue pearlescent shimmer particles, they are super tiny so not a glitter effect but still add depth and an extra dimension to the colour. It's is just such the perfect colour for spring!

The formula is beautiful, it goes on really easily with literally no streaks or gloopyness. The brush is quite large which for me is perfect as i can definitely be a bit cack-handed with nail polishes (you know that old joke of getting polish up to the knuckles - that is truly me, i kid you not!) As for opacity I was suitably impressed, it only took two coast to get it to this opacity and it still looked great with only one coat for a more subtle sheen of colour on the nail.

Chipping is always an issue with me, i chip nails as soon as i paint them, i don't know how, but i do. However, this polish was pretty hardy and lasted me up to 5 days before I thought, yep time to get the polish remover out. Without a top coat this is pretty darn good. With a top coat i'm sure it would be even better, but i'm currently sans topcoat as i'm still dithering about which 3 free brand to try top coat wise.

I do think that at £10.50 Zoya polishes are on the more pricey side as polish prices go but i find that this is something that is more common with 3 free formulas like Butter London polishes which also retail at around this price.

You can get your mitts on more pretty Zoya shades on the Amarya website and other natural/organic online retailers. 

Have you tried out Zoya polishes yet?

Mavs x

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