Yes To Carrots ~ C Me Smile Lip Butter

17 April 2013

Yes To Carrots C Me Smile Lip Butter ~ Mint £2.99

I am a complete self confessed lip balm fiend! I love getting my mitts on all and any lipbalms that I can find and my collection is pretty much overflowing! Yet despite my overly healthy stash of lip balms, butters, moisturisers, serums, scrubs and gels I still always look for the next wonderful product to try.

I have been a big fan of Yes To for a long time now and have dabbled in many products and worked an item from each range into my stash at some point. Carrots, Tomatos and Cucumbers are all there and i'm sure the Blueberries will work their way in too!

I actually got this in a Yes To travel set from TK MAXX and was pretty excited for the lip balm alone! There are several flavours of this lip balm, including carrot, but mint has to be one of my all time favourites, so it was destiny for me to get it.

At first I honestly wasn't too sure or keen on the mint taste of this balm. It's isn't quite as fresh as others, but i actually really really enjoy it now, it tastes a much more natural minty taste instead of that artificial minty taste that some products get. After application my lips sometimes tingle ever so slightly and feel quite cool, which i absolutely love.

As you can see this balm is 95% organic and is paraben free etc and as the name suggests is packed full of vitamin C, coconut oil, jojoba oil and of course peppermint oil , among loads of other maazing ingredients, which is super nourishing for the lips. I always have dry lips as i'm a habitual lip biter and this beautiful balm calms and soothes my sore lips when i've had a nibble and keeps them soft and hydrated. This balm also lasts quite a long time on the lips and doesn't feel slick or oily at all. It gives a subtle sheen but doesn't add any gloss effect.

Singularly I think this balm and other flavours are around £2.99 which is a great price for a natural and organic balm as they tend to be a bit pricer than their highstreet traditional counterparts.
Yes To products have really been booming in the beauty world and are now available online at feelunique, beautybay and even ASOS! as well as all great natural and organic online retailers including naturalisimo and mypure etc. I love it when natural brands become more widely sold as it makes it so much easier to get them on a regular basis.

After loving this mint flavour one, i'm definately going to be trying out the others, especially berry and pomegranate. The Yes To lip balm range also includes SPF lip balms in several flavours and pretty tinted balms in a range of shades. Tempted?

NB- I think Yes To have redesigned the lip balm packaging and this one is the old style, the new style looks much brighter and more colourful!

Mavs x

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