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5 January 2013

bareMinerals Mineral Powder Foundations, Neal's Yard Remedies Organic Facial Wipes, BareMinerals Prime Time, UNE Smart Length Mascara, UNE All In One Mascara, Yes to Cucumber Facial Towelettes.
I have been loving the empties posts and videos that have been popping up everywhere in the past few months, it's such a great idea as it means that you can genuinely see that people use up the products they review, instead of using it once or twice and just saying that its good/bad.

So in the spirit of empties I saved up my bottles and bags of the products that I've used up in the last month, I was surprised at how few I had although most are quite long lasting products.

bareMinerals Mineral Powder Foundations (£25 each): I love bareMinerals foundations, they give fantastic coverage and are really long lasting. I rarely have to top up my face with these powders, they have a great range of colours and the overall result is lovely, matt without being chalky or too powdery. Easy to blend and light weight, can't really fault these powders except for the price! These lasted me months! Fantastic! See link below image for a full review when I first ever tried BM!

Neal's Yard Remedies Organic Facial Wipes (£5.50): Another product that I have been completely one over with! I am super fussy with face wipes and hate ones with too much scent or that are too rough on the skin or too stripping or too wet or too dry -yeah I'd definitely say i'm fussy! ha. Seriously I bought these on a whim and haven't looked back! They are scented and smell of Lavender which is not a smell I like, however the scent is so faint and doesn't linger on the skin, I don't find it a problem at all. with the lavender, aloe vera and white tea, these wipes are amazingly soothing, cooling and calming on my skin and they balance my oil levels perfectly. the cotton sheets are amazingly soft as well. They are so good i'm happy to pay the price! A definite repurchase!

bareMinerals Prime Time Primer (£21):  I got this little primer in my bareMinerals starter kit way back when! I actually finished it up in October but thought I'd hold onto it to include in this post. I really like this primer, it's a great all rounder that would suit most skin types, it creates a great base for the powder without clogging the pores so that the powder can't be blended in. A little goes a long way which is ideal seeing as it's a pretty hefty price tag! A possible repurchase although more tempted by the Oil Control version.

UNE Smart Length Mascara (£10.49): An almost empty - I got this after I tried the UNE All In One Mascara and have been left feeling very unsure about this product. On one hand I think it is much better than the All In One, my lashes look really long and luscious after two coats and the formula is a lovely rich black. Initially the formula wasn't goopy but after a few uses i found the product had literal just gone into thick gloopy muck which I couldn't quite finish. I'm always careful about closing them properly and avoiding pumping mascaras, so maybe I had a faulty lid or it was just the formula going off super quick. Who knows, I'm tempted to repurchase as i enjoyed using it while it lasted and I really want to see if it happens again...

UNE All In One Mascara (£10.49): I reviewed this mascara a while back (see link below the photo if you fancy reading it!) and to be honest I wasn't blown away with it, it was a good everyday mascara but nothing i would shout about. However, other than purchasing online, natural/organic mascaras are hard to get in store so I'll probably be going back to this or sticking to traditional mascaras. 

Yes to Cucumber Facial Towelettes (£4.99): Ah I had such high hopes for these face wipes (excuse me i mean 'towelettes' ha! I find calling them that such a hoot!) I adore the Yes to Cucumber Face Wash (review here) and was really excited to try these. I got these in a Yes to travel set which means they are a small pack of 10, normal pack is 30 wipes (price above is for the full 30 pack.) They smelt great and the cloth wasn't too rough, but they just didn't budge my make up as well as I would like. They did leave my skin fresh and clean but I felt like a film had been left behind and always felt I needed to wash my face with water after. Also I found they made the areas around my eyes (my brow bones and under eyes) really sore and almost felt a bit like it was a burning sensation. I don't have overly sensitive eyes, nor was i particularly rough and the cloths themselves were soft so I think it must have been something in the blend that didn't suit my delicate eye area. I used them up though as they made pleasant cleansing wipes for the rest of my face when i wasn't wearing make up and just wanted a freshen up to remove daily build up.

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know what you think of them!

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