Amarya Beauty Box ~ January

22 January 2013

Amarya Beauty Box £12.50 monthly
Ooopsies! First of all I haven't posted a Amarya beauty box post in months and now this one is rather late.....

Ho hum, i'm sitting down and typing it up now. Better late than never I say. Righto, so what did I get in this months Amarya Beauty Box? Well I shall tell you below:

REN - MOROCCAN ROSE OTTO BATH OIL:  Me along with everyone else in the beauty world have been swept away with REN. They are fabulous products so I couldn't have been more chuffed to receive a sample of their bath oil. If you read this blog often you'll know that recently i've been trying out more relaxing through baths so this sample was a total gem!

GIELLY GREEN - CLASSIC SHAMPOO:  Really interesting product to get, never heard of this brand before but I am always on the search for a decent natural/organic shampoo so I'm really excited to get started with this once I rotate my hair products. This one sounds perfect as it focuses a lot on the condition of the scalp which for me is essential as that's certainly a problem area for me.

GIELLY GREEN - CLASSIC CONDITIONER:  Again from the same brand. This one will be good to try, i often find natural conditioners are great for my hair so I have high hopes. It promises healthy shine which is always a plus if it works! Pleased with the size of sample too as with really long hair it often isn't enough but this looks like i will get a few washes out of it.

GIELLY GREEN - HAND & BODY WASH:  Not as excited about this product as the others, i have a whole heap of body washes that I need to test. However this does contain argan oil which i looove and it smells abso-bloody-lutely incredible with lemon and lily!

OXYGEN - PURIFYING HONEY MASQUE:  Another really great sample, masks are a big favourite of mine lately and i'm a fan of manuka honey, i have loads of lip balms and body creams with manuka honey so this face mask will be a great addition. Really hoping this will be a winner as it claims to be super hydrating and perfect for winter skincare.

Overall, I think this is actually the best Amarya Beauty Box that I have had yet. There was an awesome mix of brands and types of products, hair samples are a really pleasant change from multiple moisturisers etc. Really pleased with the size of the samples too, not a sachet in sight (i genuinely love sachets but large bottles are just way more exciting!) Plus you get 20% off all the brands included in the box when you buy through Amarya, REN haul, here i come! ;)

What do you think of January's Amarya Beauty Box, would this be a perfect box for you?


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