Taking Moments To Relax

6 January 2013

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Evening ladies! Now I don't really do New Years resolutions, i'm much too lazy and un motivated to stick to them,  but this year there's certainly something i want to achieve more.

To Chill Out! Relax, let it all go! Because boy am I one stressy mare and honestly that's really just not that cool. Nah i'm not really that bad, it's more of an internal thing for me, in the mind. Anyway there are a few ways that I have thought would help me to achieve this, i want to explore scented candles more, try to make my world a snugglier place. Bubble baths are also a keen avenue i want to delve into, everyone raves about Lush products etc so maybe through this i can truly understand why (if you have any lovely Lush bath suggestions, hit me up with them, i'd love to know). Also sleeping is something i have always had a rather turbulent relationship with, so thats on my 'to tackle' agenda too!

These will probably be to you ladies  quite normal, natural routine nice ways of chillaxing, or just general small aspect in your life, but with me I just seem to find it hard to give myself a little pamper and indulgence. So from now on I want to really enjoy my time whether i'm working or blogging or whatever with these little treats!

1 - ORGANIC SURGE RELAXING SPICED LILY FOAMING BATH (£4.49 sale): I think this would be amazing for the bath, relaxing and invigorating. I just ordered a HUGE bundle from Organic Surge so this one might have to wait till I gain some more pennies!

2 - THISWORKS THE DREAM TEAM (£6 sale): Oooh so as you know from one of my latest posts I recently have been using thisworks products and love it! Heard many good reviews on these as well from lots of lovely bloggers so these i think will be a must buy soon!

3 - NEOM COCOONING HOME CANDLE (£39.50): I'll admit these seem pretty pricey but again i have heard so many great things about these candles I reckon they are worth it!

4 - NEOM COMPLETE BLISS ORGANIC BATH OIL (£32): I chose this becuase wonderfully I actually have a little dinky sample of it! Yaaaay so this one I can really delve into and check out straight away! Snaps for samples!! whoop :)

What do you guys do to keep chilled and have a relax?

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