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23 January 2013

Nourish Protect Intense Face Gel £7.98*
I have been a fan of Nourish skincare since I was lucky enough to try one of their Relax kits, you can see my review here, and I was keen to try their other products. I have been using their Golden Glow Souffle and reviewed it also.

This serum is a wonderfully hydrating gel from their 'Protect' range of products and can be used as the final step of your cleansing/toning routine or on it's own as a skin booster for rehydration and evening out skin tone. You only need the smallest of pumps and it will do for your whole face and down your neck. My skin just drinks this in at the moment, I can practically hear my skin going 'thank goodness for that!!' it's perfect for winter as my skin is soo dehydrated from both the cold outside and the increase in central heating. I've been using this before make up, after removing make up, before bed and when I wake up and on make up free days. So pretty much addicted to this really. I love how it's non oily and is amazingly light and smells deliciously fruity and citrusy!

I know there's a lot of debate in the beautysphere about HA on pores ie clogging vs unclogging, but i genuinely think that this gel has definitely helped unclog my pores (I have terrible pores!) and made them appear less obvious!

I recently checked out the Nourish website and seen that they have had a bit of an image re-branding, I really like the new look of the bottles, it looks a lot cleaner and fresher than the original grey packaging. It also appears that they have changed these Face Gels to Peptide Serums. I just hope these peptide serums are the same formula and it's just a name change because I love this Intense Face Gel! The link above is to a site called where you can purchase this Intense Face Gel but if you head to the Nourish skincare website you can see the new range and rebranded products including the Peptide Serum which i believe replaced this Intense Face Gel. If it is a different formula then i'll just have to purchase one and test it out, it's a hard hard life ;)

Anyone tried Nourish products and fallen in love with a product like I have?


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