Neom Complete Bliss Organic Bath Oil

26 January 2013

Neom Complete Bliss Bath Oil (Sample Size)*
(Full size available - 100ml £32)

So a while back I said I was keen to really try and actually relax a little, no computer, no endless job applications and cv rewriting, just a nice candle or two and a warm soothing bath. Well, i'm pleased to say that, despite being a 'shower' girl, I'm thoroughly enjoying a few long soaks in the tub! Who would have thought!

I've had a lovely little sample of Neom's complete bliss bath oil floating around my 'to test and review' draws (possibly from an Amarya beauty box) and thought this would be the opportune time to give it a whirl. I'll admit I was just a little sceptical and ever so slightly put off at the idea of oil in my bath water. To be honest, I didn't really get the reason for it. However I thought I'd give it a go anyway, it could only go a few ways, either I'd hate it, I'd not notice it, or I'd love it.

So, what did I actually think? Well I am pleased to say that it was the latter. I thoroughly enjoyed it! My bathroom was so beautifully fragrant I was already relaxing before I even hit the water. The oil on the surface of the water also wasn't a problem like I had imagined, it was rather nice, every time I swooshed the water it just released more waves of lovely scent. And my my, did my skin feel lovely! I came out feeling i had skin as soft as a proverbial babies bum.

Would I use an oil again in my bath? Yes, I believe i would and i would certainly pick up another Neom oil, the scent of Moroccan Blush Rose wasn't at all overpowering or 'old-ladyish' at all, and the notes of Lime and Black pepper gave it a lovely perky citrusy twist. The scent lingered on my skin for a pleasantly long amount of time and i was genuinely relaxed and soothed. I honestly think this would be perfect just before you head to bed. For me it worked wonders and for someone as bad a sleeper as myself, feeling so relaxed after a bath that you would be quite capable of dropping off to sleep straightaway is an absolute luxury which I am keen to have again!

I honestly can't fault this bath oil and would happily purchase this myself. Complete Bliss? 100%!

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