Brand New Year!

3 January 2013

It's a new year and I'm so excited for what it holds, but for everything to get going you have to start from the beginning and for me that's taking and making more time for the things i enjoy, mainly my blogging.

So for a while I have been having a crazy whirlwind of a time and unfortunately my blogging totally took the fall the most. This year i really want to make this blog so much better, i want it to go from strength to strength and really grow as a blog and hopefully I think I will grow with it! I have so many ideas and so much content to write now that it's crazy exciting and almost too much. But I really can't wait to get going again and start posting regular posts here.
I also really want to get my other blog up going again as that one has been so neglected of late, i can't even think of the last time i posted on there. tut tut me!

I think that this year will be a good one, already I have some exciting potential projects that I am really excited to get my teeth into and really get everything rolling for this year!

I am so excited to get started and feel like i have a whole new fresh perspective and boosted drive and enthusiasm for making this what i want it to be. Thank you for sticking with this through it's ups and downs and i hope you enjoy everything that is to come in 2013!



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