Butter London - Jack The Lad

31 January 2013

Butter London Jack The Lad £12

This year and over christmas I been having a major crush on all things green and glittery, they just seem to have so much drama and glitz and this gorgeous nail polish from butter London is no exception.

This fabulous colour is called Jack The Lad and is described as, 'Opaque, moss green shimmer with gold, turquoise, and green microglitter' yeah I'd say that pretty much describes it exactly! The gold and turquoise are quite subtle but had a little extra something when you notice them flicker on your nails. B.E.A.utiful! 

Butter London polishes come in a whole range of swoonful colours with glitters and shimmers and glosses galore, I would have every single one if I could. Butter London polishes are also 3 free polishes  so they have no Formaldehyde, Toluene or DBP. Perfect and the quality is no way compromised by their 3 free formula. 

Two coats make this wonderfully opaque and a third really makes it a solid glittery pop of deep rich colour, I just adore it, and spend ages shimmering my nails in the light looking at it, like a freaky human magpie!
The chipping starts after about 3 days without a top coat and with lost of nail wear such as washing up and cleaning etc, so I think that's pretty descent. With a good top coat this polish can easily last on my nails up to 5 days before the chipping is really noticeable.

I'm defiantly head over heels with this polish and I'm sure it wont be long until i get my little mitts on a few more!

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